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How Sleep Deprivation Leads To Weight Gain?

How Sleep Deprivation Leads To Weight Gain?

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While working round the clock people often forget to give their mind and body much needed rest. This unevenness in the routine causes different diseases as well as numerous psychological problems. These problems are the cause of some of the chronic diseases that can cause numerous changes, these changes can be physical or mental.

When you are not taking proper care of your rest, then it causes deprivation. With continuous negligence, there comes a reduced urge for some of the effective things such as sleep, hunger, etc. among these the urge to sleep carries a lot of importance.

Sleep not only helps you to regain energy and composure but maintains the sanctity. This sanctity helps you regain and maintain the composure to the optimal level.

When anything among the essential activities gets reduced, it causes deprivation. Sleep deprivation is one of the foremost causes of deferent disease. Apart from these disease sleep deprivation causes massive weight gain that can make you obese. This is one of the problems that should be preferentially tackled to diminish the effects.

Here we are providing an elaborative analysis of all the information related to sleep deprivation and its effect on weight gain. In addition to that, there are some of the effective ways are also mentioned that can help you to cope up with this abnormality.

Let’s delve into the space of sleep deprivation and its linkage with weight gain.

What Is Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep deprivation is a condition that occurs when you don’t get a sound sleep of the desired time. Sleep deprivation is a whole lot of phenomena that consists of different aspects. The reasons for sleep deprivation are numerous. Some of them are:

  • If you are not getting an ample amount of sleep

  • Uneven routine or wrong time of day, as the body gets out of the sync of your natural clock

  • The conditions for sleeping is not adequate to you are not getting the types of sleep your body needs

  • Having a sleep disorder that refrains you from getting an ample amount of sleep or doesn’t provide quality sleep.

As we all know sleeping is one of the foremost basic human needs just like eating, drinking, and breathing. It keeps a vital part of the base for sound health and well being throughout life.

There are some of the harmful effects of sleep deficiency that sums up the sleep deprivation as it may cause physical and mental health problems, injuries, loss of productivity, an even greater risk of death.

Further Understanding Of Sleep Deprivation

The further understanding of the sleep deprivation is mandatory to get a hold on it. It is very important to get knowledge about sleep patterns. In the sleep pattern, there are two types of eye movement rapid eye movement (REM) and non-REM. 

Non-REM sleep comprises of deep sleep or slow-wave sleep aspects. The dreaming phenomenon takes place during REM sleep. These two patterns occur simultaneously in a specified pattern of 3-5 cycles each night.

The basic ability of body functions and feeling, while you awaken, depends upon these two sleep cycle patterns. This also depends upon the total sleep hours and also on the quality of sleep. Apart from these, the schedule of sleeping matters a lot. 

You have to understand that your body has its clock that controls all the functioning of the body. This clock follows a repeating schedule. This schedule affects every bit of your body. It is evident that, if you are not getting enough sleep or sleeping at the wrong times or having a poor quality of sleep, then you will feel tired all day.

Feeling refreshed needs proper aspect of sleep and that cannot be denied at any cost. There are some of the efficient functions that gest deluded due to sleep deprivation. This is capable of interfering with your work, school, driving, and social functioning.

If you are suffering from sleep deprivation, then it may be possible that you will be unaware of other people’s emotions and reactions as the brain doesn’t function when you are not getting ample sleep. 

There lies a massive difference between the signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation in all age groups. Children who are agile and attention issue they feel massive sleep deprivation. This can lead to different difficulties altogether.

How Sleep Deprivation Leads To Weight Gain?

sleep deprivation causes weight gain

Every one of us wants to be in shape, nobody likes gaining weight at any cost still we don’t have so much dedication to stay fit and in shape. Procrastination is the ultimate reason for weight gain. However, due to the unbalanced lifestyle nowadays, we suffer from sleep deprivation and hence lead to a huge gain in weight.

  • Most of the people aren’t getting enough sleep due to their heavy work schedule and they complain that we have a wider waistline. One of the researches says that worrying about body shape is justified, but to solve this misery one needs to maintain the sleep schedule and daily diet. To be more logical, you need to think about the problem, here is the flow of the problem. You are sleep deprived causing the brain to works continuously resulting in alternating levels of the hormone in the body and causing hunger. You will eat to satisfy the hunger hormone and such foul eating leads to a craving for fatty food.

  • Usually, all the people who have been limited to physical activity observe the lack of sleep issues. The concept of craving for food that is enriched with high-fat level and sugar level is associated with those who are suffering from the problem of poor sleep. If you are one of them and reading this content to solve your sleep problem, then you shall alter your diet first and will have to include the intake of fruits as a substitute for those high fat and sugar secreted food. If you have started managing your diet, then you should limit the usage of electronic gadgets such as laptops or mobile phones.

  • One of the research states that looking on the screen of a smartphone or laptop throws off the circadian rhythm because of the emission of blue light from these gadgets. You just have to keep your gadget aside, switch it off and keep it far from the bedTo overcome such issues many renowned electronic gadgets brands have included the feature of Night light in their models to reduce the impact of those harmful lights. You may turn this night mode on whenever working in dim lights as they are the spectrum of orange hue that is more sleep conducive.

  • Sleep deprivation is one of the common issues faced by most of the people of different age group. Most of the working individuals have reported this issue once in their life yet as the usage of digital technology is on the hype. Numerous tech giants are in search of the countermeasures of this issue, so that the individual may counteract this lack of sleep issue and henceforth keeping their metabolism rate normal.

  • All the insomniacs out there, we all know that you people do remain active whole day, but you have to maintain healthy meals under the consultation of your trainer and you shouldn’t ignore proper sleep of eight hours a day. 

 Symptoms Of Weight Gain Due To Sleep Deprivation 

Apart from one of the major symptoms of sleep deprivation being the uneven sleep, but apart from that, there are numerous. The following are some of them that generate the probability of a sleep deprivation massively.

  • Yawning: It is one of the foremost and a common symptom that easily describes the person is suffering from sleep deprivation. This is one of the factors that give an adverse impression to others.

  • Moodiness: If you are not getting sound sleep, then there lies an irregularity in activities, which is coined as moodiness. It prevails and causes a lack of concentration.

  • Fatigue: Sleep deprivation causes a massive level of fatigue that makes you uncomfortable and doesn’t provide freshness.


  • Irritability: A person gets irritated in a normal conversation or with any issue when he/she will not get proper sleep. This irritation can cause the souring of relationships.

  • Depressed mood: If you are getting into a depressing zone all the time, as in giving a massive chunk of thought to everything, then it is the case of sleep deficiency whatsoever.

  • Difficulty learning new conceptsIf you are having difficulties in learning and grasping the new concepts, then this is the sole cause of sleep-related issues

  • Forgetfulness: Many people tend to forget different things due to not having sound sleep. All the way they think of dozing off. This makes them forget about some of the essential things.

  • Increased appetite and carbohydrate cravings: Sleep deprivation increases the drive for eating by making your appetite more receptive and also increases the craving for carbohydrates. This is the foremost reason that takes you near obesity.

  • Reduced sex drive: It is one of the important and stressful symptoms. If you are getting reduced sex drive, then it is the par time to clear your head and take immense sleep so that you can be happy with your sex life.

Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

effects of less sleep

Sleep deprivation has some negative effects on the body. These are the following impact that is caused by sleep deprivation:

  • Sleep deprivation prevents the effective immune system that is responsible to combat some of the chronic illnesses.  

  • It generates the possibility of getting into some of the chronic respiratory diseases.

  • Sleep deprivation can also result in an increased risk of new and advanced respiratory diseases.

  • The lack of sleep causes a substantial change in body weight. Two hormones control hunger or fullness. It also causes the secretion of insulin that causes fat storage and the risk of diabetes.

  • Sleep deprivation is responsible for minimal hormone production. These hormones are responsible for growth and providing different drives.

These are some of the common and prevalent effects of sleep deprivation that can cause massive damage to your health. These problems should be tackled with immense care so that it doesn’t cause further damage.

How Can You Minimize Sleep Deprivation To Prevent Weight Gain?

Different scientific techniques help to provide an ample amount of sleep. These techniques are effective and refrain from the possibility of sleep deprivation. 

  • Relaxation techniques: This technique comprises of Meditation techniques, mindfulness training, breathing exercises, and guided imagery. Audio recordings are also effective in this.

  • Stimulation control: This technique comprises pre-bedtime activities and an environment that helps to attain the desired sleeping pattern. 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT): This technique is quite effective as it deals with the change of beliefs that helps you attain a sound sleeping pattern

Apart from the above methods, some simple practices can help you get sound sleep, thus refraining the possibility of gaining weight. You can also read Janice Boyd’s Weight Loss Journey on how she corrected her sleep pattern and brought weight under control.

Following are some of the good habits that can make you sleep easily:

  • Try to get to bed when tired, do not expect for the exact time

  • Following a specified routine for getting to bed and wake-up. Keeping it consistent is the key.

  • It is advised to avoid eating before bedtime

  • If you are unable to fall asleep the try for reading something, this is an effective way to get asleep

  • You should engage in different exercises throughout the day

  • The cool temperature of the bedroom is preferable as it provides an apt environment for sleep

  • Refrain from using any type of electronic device before sleep. 

These are some of the core understanding that enables to cater the sleep needs, ultimately preventing the deficiency. These methods can surely help you to keep the deprivation at bay.

With some discipline and proper care, one can achieve success to refrain from weight gain. These techniques are not just capable of preventing the weight gain, but also makes you healthy in all aspects of you are getting sound sleep, then it is quite easy to provide optimal effort to the regular chores. The overview of sleep deprivation and the sleeping needs can save you from some of the chronic diseases also.

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