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I am sure that everyone who’s reading this is aware that being a 38-year old, single mother of a 15-year-old girl is no joke.

Those raging hormones take a whole lot of courage and patience to tame.

But I am lucky. My girl isn’t half as boisterous and rebellious as I was at her age.

She’s been instrumental in helping me get back on my feet after I hit rock bottom.

Three broken relationships, an accident that left me bedridden for 6-months, being fired by my employer and a tumultuous childhood spent amongst parents who wanted to kill each other at first sight.


Alcohol was the only respite for me. A numbing agent that put me behind a veil. Gave me wings and the confidence to speak.

And then in just a few years, gave me blackouts. Consumed me totally until it was the only thing that I needed to survive.

My name is Mary and this is my success story.

The Life Of The Party

It’s funny how most people start drinking for fun.

For Jenny, my best friend, it was peer pressure. Her boyfriend, Robbie (an obnoxious prick) was the one who forced her to gulp a pint-sized bottle of ale in a stupid truth or dare game. We were 14 then.

Thankfully, I was her friend in cape. Didn’t let Robbie or anyone else come even close to her when she lied down feeling woozy.

A week later, my stepdad handed me a bottle of beer at home. And as I sipped that cold beer, I thought, this isn’t so bad.

As I finished the bottle, I felt relaxed. Mom’s bickering had faded away into a soft murmur.

I couldn’t hear dad crashing the bottles on the floor anymore. The daily charade had gone mute.

Only, I didn’t have a woman in capes to save me.

Within a few months, I was drinking on weekends. In fact, I could out drink most of the guys in class who drank.

By the time I was 17, I had graduated to hard spirits. Tequila shots, cocktails, name them and I could gulp them down.

I was, as they called, ‘The life of the party

Marriage & The Boogeyman In My Closet

One of the things that surprises me is how I managed to top my academics all these years.

Despite the fuzzy mornings where I would wake up with my head crushing, concentration blown to smithereens, I still topped my class.

After college, I landed a job as an intern at one of the biggest law firms in the country. And fell head over heels for a man almost twice my age. He was a smart, flamboyant, lawyer with a busy practice.

I could see the green monster in the eyes of everybody in the law firm when he proposed marriage to me.

It was fairy tale marriage. My daughter was born a year later.

But I hid one detail from him. A big one. The boogeyman. My bottle.

What appeared to be social drinking had now reached alarming proportions. I would reach most meetings drunk. Didn’t know where I was. All I could make out was that it was daylight and then dark after a while.

He confronted me and cajoled me to seek help. But I was as stubborn as a rock.

I soon started sneaking in bottles and hiding them around home so that he wouldn’t catch me drinking.

A bottle inside the flush. Mixed with mouthwash. One in the crawlspace. There were tiny stashes of alcohol hidden all around the house. Like ammunition.

And then, just out of the blue, the blackouts began. I started blacking out more and more frequently.

I have faint memories. Flashes of my husband trying to wake me up. He had broken down the bathroom door and called emergency services because I was unresponsive.

That was the limit for him. He walked out of the marriage, took my daughter with him and left me in the doldrums.

Out of rebellion, I jumped into another relationship. He was an ex-con and he introduced me to Meth.

In the next eleven years, I dated a bunch of people. All of those are just vague memories today. What’s important is that I managed to live through it all.

But it had taken a toll on me. I was getting suicidal thoughts all day. To just end this nightmare than enduring it day after day.

This was when my daughter reached out to me. She grabbed my hands and told me that I was much better than this.

She took me to my first AA meeting. My baby steps towards sobriety had begun.


My Body Refuses To Cope

For a long time, I was trying to reason with myself that I was the victim of an unfortunate series of incidents.

Bad parenting, bad company, whimsical decisions, unfortunate in love. But the fact is that almost everyone in AA had similar stories to share. It was alcohol. It had always been.

It was an eye-opener. But by then, the amount of damage that I had done to my body was unbelievable.

I was like a ragged mess.

No energy. No focus. Lethargic all day. Dry flaky skin. Brittle nails. Most of my hair near the crown of my head had shed. I looked a lot older for my age.

Bloodwork revealed that my liver values were miserable. I was diagnosed with fatty liver.

My kidney was stressed. I was a borderline diabetic.

My lipids were all over the place.

My daughter decided to put me on some healthy food and supplements along with the boatload of meds that I was prescribed.

In came a bunch of fruits, veggies and fancy bottles. Among them, one bottle in particular caught my eye.

It was called Organifi Green Juice. And I have hated juicing ever since I was 9. There was no way that I was taking that powder.

organifi green juice

Detox Begins With Organifi Green Juice: My Review

But like I said in the beginning of this article, teenagers aren’t easy to live with.

She would be at my doorstep at the crack of dawn each day. Ready to accompany me for my morning walks.

And she used every trick in the book to get me to eat my greens and even gulp it.

I hated the minty flavor of the Green juice. Hell I hated everything that I was eating. And once my daughter went to college, I would skip most of the salads for the day.

But she ensured that I gulped the green juice like clockwork.

Without me even realizing, I started sleeping well. At first, my reaction was that this had to be due to something else. Maybe one of the prescription meds that the doctor had given me was a sleep aid.

I logged on to the internet and started researching about all the meds and supplements I was using.

Turns out that he hadn’t given me anything that could even make me drowsy, let alone sleep.

That’s the last thing you give to an addict.

And then, there it was in the description of the Organifi Green Juice. ‘Better sleep and revitalization’. You can read the description yourself over here

Could it be this?

I was so good at self-reasoning that I was trying to convince myself that it couldn’t be. How could something ‘natural’ work in just days?

But it was enough motivation for me to continue.

Better Skin, More Energy

Within the next two weeks, my body underwent a dramatic transformation.

My skin started to look more hydrated, if I could call it that. The dry, flaky patches had started to fade away.

I was feeling more energetic during my morning walks.

Was it due to the uninterrupted sleep?

Possibly. But I started to wake up looking forward to the walks.

The crisp winter morning air. The sun, my daughter, the laughs. Suddenly, the world wasn’t such a bad place after all.

I started to make friends during my jogs. Even if my daughter couldn’t make it on days, I would still be in the park at the crack of dawn.

The changes were surprising to me. I had never been this way my whole life.

By the end of a month, I was looking and feeling much better.

My doctor was amazed at the transformation. He said that I looked at least five years younger.

And he was quick to add that no medication does this. He asked me to keep doing what I was doing cause it seemed to work.

Organifi Green Juice – The Liver Protectant

The biggest surprise though, came when I went for my monthly bloodwork.

The liver values had almost returned to normal. So were the lipids.

I remember the lab assistant telling me a month ago that my bloodwork was like that of a hardcore anabolic steroids user.

Today, he smiled and said that you have the body of a 28-year-old woman.

I know that there are a lot of factors that go into detoxifying a body that is crammed with toxins.

But trust me when I tell you this, the only drastic change that I made to my diet was Organifi Green Juice.

I was hardly eating anything else that my daughter asked me to.

A New Me – My Experience With Organifi Green Juice

By the end of two months, I had resumed working at a new law firm.

I was looking much better than I ever did. I had started with CrossFit. And was loving the new challenges.

My brittle nails were now looking lush and full of life. My skin was glowing. Another surprise, the hair loss had stopped completely.

And I could see tiny hair follicles sprouting in the bald patches.

My appetite had improved.

In other words, my life had undergone a complete transformation for the better.

And I owe it all to my daughter.

I would never in my life had tried something like Organifi Green juice on my own.

What Is It About Organifi Green Juice That Makes It So Good For You?

There has to be a catch, isn’t it?

Something just cannot be so good for the body without having a hidden side effect or an ingredient that they don’t want you to know about.

Sorry to disappoint you, but Organifi Green juice is legit.

It’s just a bunch of superfoods that you would otherwise find impossible to consume in the course of a day.

Here you go.

  • Beet: Crammed with antioxidants. Lowers blood pressure. Boosts immune system and digestion.

  • Spirulina: Nature’s superfood. Potent anti-inflammatory. Boosts the levels of good cholesterol. Reduces LDL.

  • Moringa: The new superfood. Anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, loaded with antioxidants, protects against free-radical damage.

  • Monk Fruit: Helps in weight loss, anti-diabetic, natural sweetener

  • Wheatgrass: Crammed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals

  • Ashwagandha: Powerful adaptogen. Helps the body cope with stress

  • Lemon: Your daily dose of skin-friendly Vitamin C

  • Turmeric: Natural anti-inflammatory. Great for the skin and immune system

  • Chlorella: Powerful detox agent. Helps improve insulin resistance and maintain blood sugar levels

  • Mint: Supports healthy cholesterol levels and improves your digestion.

  • Coconut water: Keeps your skin looking hydrated and supple.

  • Matcha Green Tea: A potent version of regular green tea that contains more antioxidants and minerals.

Think about it. Can you or anyone else have all the nutritional benefits of these superfoods in one scoop of powder?

You can add it to juice or to a smoothie or even to water. It mixes easily and doesn’t leave any clumps.

I mix it mostly with my shaker when I am at work.

It does taste a little odd. But that might be because I hate minty flavors.

But it’s just a hint of it. More importantly, there’s no aftertaste, no residue or odd flavors.

How Organifi Helped Me Regain Myself

As I picked up my two-year sobriety chip yesterday, I was proud of myself.

Not because I overcame one of the biggest setbacks of my life. But because I didn’t let my daughter and myself down.

I didn’t falter once after I decided to fight back.

And now when I think of it, Organifi green juice did have a large role to play in my transformation.

When I look at my photos from two years ago, I cannot believe that it’s me in those pictures.

Nor can my colleagues. The transformation is unbelievable.

The huge skeptic that I am, I even tried to stop using Organifi to see if all the good things that happened to me disappear overnight.

But they didn’t. I stayed off it for a month. The only difference that I noticed was that my energy levels seemed to dwindle a little.

That might be placebo.

Irrespective of it, I am back on Organifi. I can’t stay off it. That’s cause I don’t want to.

Who Can Benefit From It?

Almost anybody.

In fact, I would highly recommend that you add it to your diet even if you are not experiencing any of the annoying symptoms that I did.

In the past one year, I have become an active member of a couple of support groups on Facebook and I have recommended Organifi to several members of the group.

There were people who had patchy skin due to Psoriasis and had tried almost every medication under the sun to control it. That includes strong and toxic corticosteroids. The only thing that had managed to control the inflammation was Organifi.

There was a 64-year-old man suffering from depression-related lethargy. His doctor had asked him to hop on to TRT. But just two months of Organifi had completely changed his life.

There’s an athlete who uses it as it keeps him energized all day unlike stimulants which cause a sike in energy followed by a crash.

Like I said, almost everybody can benefit from the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in Organifi Green juice.

Does It Cause Any Side Effects?

None that I am aware of.

I didn’t like the taste when I started off. But after a couple of years, I have gotten used to it. In fact, I quite like the taste now.

Also, Organifi Green Juice contains tapioca powder. If you are allergic to it or to any of the other ingredients in it, then it may trigger an allergic reaction. Although the chances of this happening are extremely remote, there is a possibility.

My Results








You can read other user’s testimonials too at

Here’s one video too:

Is There Anything That I Don’t Like About It?

Yes. The price.

I have just resumed my job and am bootstrapping. The cost of a single bottle is a tad concerning now.

Having said that, it’s a price that I am willing to pay in exchange for the rewards it offers.

I must have blown thousands of dollars on booze and drugs. Might as well pay for something that’s worth the price.

Closing Thoughts

Organifi Green juice is one of the best things that has happened to me in recent times. 

I cannot recommend it enough. Irrespective of whether you are suffering from any nutritional deficiencies or are unable to get your daily dose of greens, here’s an easy solution.

That’s it folks. I hope I didn’t bore you with my sob story. Do write to me on one of the Facebook support groups. Or one day, we might bump into each other during an AA meeting. Until then, adios.

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