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Leptin Resistance: 9 Ways To Fix It

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With increasing stress and uneven eating habits, people tend to eat junk food. These eating habits and junk food more often cause obesity and different health problems. Everyone wants to be healthy and attain a good body, but when it comes to restricting the unhealthy habits people often find it difficult.

Apart from unhealthy food one of the main reasons for obesity is psychology. Different psychological phenomena restrict people to provide immense attention to heir persisting habits. 

When it comes to changing habits or attaining any new habit, often people get on denial mode. Specifically, people are aware of the harmful effects of the food, but they keep on eating those that cause different problems.  

Here we are going to discuss one of the most important psychological resistances that restrict people to attain good eating habits. ‘Leptin resistance ‘is one of the psychological resistance that persists in almost all age-group.

This is one of the most harmful psychological resistance that restricts the people to give much attention to their body hence making them obsessed. In this excerpt, we will provide some of the effective ways to fix it, but before that, we should get a holistic understanding of leptin resistance.

What is Leptin Resistance?

leptin resistance

Leptin resistance is one of the most prominent biological catalysts that cause obesity. The holistic view of this resistance deals with different fat cells that are present in an obese Peron. These fat cells produce leptin as their proportion to size. Those people who are obese comprise of the very high level of leptin. Leptin is supposed to work in a way that the person who is obese naturally limits their food intake.

This should be acknowledged by the brain that they have stored ample energy source, but the brain doesn’t see it. This condition is known as leptin resistance

In other words, when your brain is unable to receive the leptin signal it thinks that your body needs more food though the body has stored an excessive amount of energy. 

This leads your brain to change the behavior to regain body fat. There are some of the habits that increase due to the changing behavior of the brain. The following are some of the habits that change due to leptin resistance. 

  • The brain keeps on thinking that one must eat more to prevent them from starvation.

  • The brain keeps on minimizing the effort to burn fat as it readily wants to conserve energy. In this the brain substantially decreases your energy levels to burn calories.

With these changing habits, the obese person keeps on eating more and exercising less which is the most important cause if gaining weight. Here the leptin resistance a big part to change the attain the hormonal defect. Those people who keep on fighting with this leptin resistance find it very difficult to combat the same. 

Here we are analyzing some of the best ways that help to fix the leptin resistance. The following are the ten effective ways that help to eradicate this resistance so that the leptin works effectively.

Ways To Fix The Leptin Resistance

When it comes to minimizing the leptin resistance, one has to make their leptin more sensitive as leptin is responsible for various actions. Making leptin to work more efficiently is not that complicated, you just have to change some of the core habits that are responsible for leptin resistance.

1. Restricting Habit Of Overeating


Overeating is the habit that enables the stomach to expand excessively to adjust according to the massive amount of food. This excessive expansion of the stomach causes uneasiness and puts unknown stress on other organs. Due to this discomfort, one can attain tiredness and becomes sluggish. Moreover, it also causes your clothes to be felt tightened.

Overeating can cause the following effects:

  • With the increased eating habit, the organs keep on working harder. The secretion of excessive enzymes and hormones for the breakdown of food makes the organs work harder.

  • The overeating increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid that is used for breaking down the food. If we overeat then the excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid may get into the esophagus that ultimately causes heartburn. Some of the junk food such as cheeseburgers and pizza are more susceptible to cause heartburn.

  • Overeating causes the production to go gas that makes you uncomfortable.

  • The speed of metabolism increases to burn off extra calories gained due to overeating. This speed-up can cause dizziness and uneasiness.

The habit of overeating can be contained so that the leptin sensitivity increases. The habit of overeating is the foremost that causes leptin resistance.

2. Increasing Insulin Sensitivity

insulin sensitivity

The amount of sugar plays an important role in increasing fats. The insulin helps to maintain the blood sugar. If the blood sugar level can be maintained, then the susceptibility of leptin resistance can be decreased. 

There are different ways by which one can easily increase insulin sensitivity. The following are some of the effective ways that can help you to increase the same.

  • Getting ample sleep can help you to increase insulin sensitivity substantially. Lack of sleep can cause different diseases and also increases the possibility of gaining weight. If you are getting a good sleep then it can readily decrease the blood sugar level.

  • Adding some of the healthy herbs and spices in your cooking can increase insulin sensitivity. It is advisable to include some of the best herbs such as basil, black pepper can provide you immunity as well as increases the leptin.

  • Fruits and vegetables should be consumed in a bulk as the vitamins and healthy constituents help a lot to decrease the blood sugar which in turn decreases the leptin resistance.

These are some of the ways which can help to attain an adequate amount of insulin in your body. The increased sensitivity can effectively help you to reduce leptin resistance.

3. Exercising Regularly


This is the decade for maintaining the exercises and attaining a good body. Everybody wants to attain the same. This is one of the best ways to reduce fat levels. When it comes to reducing the leptin resistance exercises helps a lot. Though minimal exercise cannot help substantially, if you are preferring exercise for more than 60minutes then it lowers the leptin resistance. With the regular burning of excessive fat due to exercising one can get a severe increase in leptin sensitivity. 

If a person is exercising regularly, then the body loses the fat and keeps on in a cycle that increases the amount of food intake, but this food is quite apt for the body. The brain gets used to the activities and reduces the practice that causes leptin resistance.

Apart from decreasing the leptin resistance, one can attain an excellent habit of exercising that keeps you more active and healthy. People should attain this habit as this can help you in the long run. Different diseases can be kept at bay due to this habit.

4. Keeping The Stress Level Low


With the increasing workload and different reasons that make an individual attain stress. For example, some people take their job stress in their lifestyle, some students take their study stress with them that causes uneven habits. Sometimes people keep on eating while in stress. It causes leptin resistance to increase. The rain gets into that zone where it gets used to the habit of feeling the pressure of stress low after eating something. This is the foremost reason for overeating. 

With the high level of emotional problems and increased cortisol level causes hyperleptinemia. The mixture of hyperleptinemia and stress might make people vulnerable to stress-induced eating. This is one of the most regular problems that increases the leptin resistance. 

It is advisable to keep the stress level low so that one doesn’t combine it with hyperleptinemia ultimately increasing the leptin resistance. If we will attain some of the basic practices, then the susceptibility towards stress can be decreased thus increasing the leptin. There are different psychological techniques available for the decrease in stress. One can also decrease the stress by indulging in different productive works.

5. Leptin Resistance Pills


This is one of the newly invented methods by which one can regulate leptin resistance. This method not only includes pills, but there are numerous supplements also available that helps to minimize the leptin resistance. This is not a very effective technique to minimize the leptin resistance as there is research going on for the credibility of this method.

It is quite evident and advisable that one should prefer some of the natural methods for retracing the leptin resistance as those methods are way more efficient than this.

When it comes to stopping leptin resistance it is just the process in which the leptin production increase that helps to regulate weight. There are different supplements available in the market that are labeled as leptin pills like leptitox. These leptin pills most commonly contain different nutrients that help to reduce inflammation thus increases leptin sensitivity. Some of the pills contain ingredients such as fish oil, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea extract, linoleic acid or soluble fiber.

We have written a detailed review of leptitox. Do make sure to read it.

6. Changing The Sleeping Habit

When it comes to sleep this is one of the natural courses that helps the metabolism to work efficiently. If you are not getting sound sleep, then it may cause a lot of problems. When it comes to leptin, if you are not getting that then the leptin gets effected. Sleep deprivation is one of the important reason which increases the leptin resistance. For attaining sound sleeping habits, there are some of the practices that help to maintain the same. Following are some of the methods by which one can reduce the possibility of sleep deprivation thus increasing the leptin sensitivity

  • One of the best methods to combat sleep deprivation is relaxation techniques. It includes breathing exercises, mindfulness training, different meditation techniques, and guided meditations. This can easily help you to get a sound sleep.

  • Controlling the stimulus is one of the foremost patterns for reducing sleep deprivation. Pre-bedtime activities play a major role in stimulation control. For example, if you can control the habit of looking to the smartphone before sleep then you can easily combat the sleep deprivation and can able to attain a sound sleep.

  • The best therapy for depreciating the sleep deprivation is cognitive-behavioral therapy. It is an effective technique that helps to challenge the belief system. It promotes a healthy and rational habit that helps to attain positive thinking ultimately providing you with a healthier sleeping pattern.

7. Lose The Excessive Weight

excess weight

When it comes to increasing leptin sensitivity, it is needed to shed off all the excessive weight. Excessive weight can be shed off by cultivating some of the healthy habits. The above-mentioned overeating and sleep deprivation can cause increased weight. When it comes to stopping losing weight, often people find it difficult, but with regular and creative ways one easily sheds excessive weight.

Shedding these excessive weights not only helps you to attain a good body, but also increases the production of leptin. The exercises that help you to be an active sense stimulus to the brain. The brain gets the signal for the regular activities, thus the leptin resistance decreases. It is advisable to attain some of the basic activities that make you quite used to it. When it comes to exercising for losing Wight regularity plays a very important role. 

Following are some of the effective ways by which one can lose excessive weight:

  • Opting for walking

  • Try to eat high protein breakfast

  • Avoiding extra sugary drinks and food

  • Water drinking before meals

  • Weight loss-friendly foods

  • Eating slowly

  • Opting for whole foods such as cereals etc.

8. Restricting High Carbohydrate Intakes

high carb

One of the foremost effects of high carbohydrates intake is one of the metabolic capacity. There is a foremost need for optimal energy intake for an average human. It is quite advisable to take calculated calories in your food intake. Sometimes to fulfill the calorie intake, people often increase the carb intake. This practice is one of the harmful ones that cause excessive weight gain. This should be prevented at all costs. 

Carbohydrates are the hidden constituent of nutrition. There is very minimalistic knowledge about the value of carbohydrates can be more than fats. It is due to the detonator that presents in the carb. A person often attains a habit of eating quick-acting foods due to their busy schedules such as white bread, table sugar, and refined foods. These should be restricted to increase leptin sensitivity. One can easily opt for those foods that have average carbohydrates intake. Getting knowledge of optimal carbohydrates food is simple. If you are opting for packaged food, then it is quite evidently provided in their packaging. Packaged foods are more carbohydrate than other natural foods.

9. The Ketogenic Diet


With the above considerations, one can easily attain a restriction on the leptin resistance. There are some of the specific ways, but if you want to avail them in one then the ketogenic diet is the best alternative.

The ketogenic diet is the low carb diet that deals with the idea of getting more calories from fat and protein and less from carbohydrates. One can easily cut back carbs from some of the regularly eaten food. By opting ketogenic diet one can easily cut done the excessive carbs in their food, simultaneously attaining an ample amount of energy.  

This is quite evident that if you are opting for fewer carbs, then the leptin resistance can be minimized substantially. You can also shelf excessive weight and extra fat with the help of a ketogenic diet.  

Apart from helping to reduce the leptin resistance, there are numerous benefits of this diet some of them are as follows:

  • Weight loss

  • Low carb intake

  • Susceptibility to diseases decreases

  • Optimal intake of energy

These are some of the different routines and schedules of food intake if you are opting for this keto diet. It is quite advisable to get expert supervision before opting keto diet.


These are some of the effective ways that help to combat the leptin resistance. Some increase the leptin sensitivity in natural ways while others depend upon the physical workout. All of the above methods and measures are quite effective, but it depends upon your body mechanism, which is getting to be efficient and productive. Just keep in mind the natural ways are the best and effective way to increase leptin sensitivity. 

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