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How To Get A Toned Stomach?

How To Get A Toned Stomach?

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We have heard the phrase ‘our body is our temple’ about a million times.

But most of us treat it like a garbage can in the modern age. We need extra motivation to actually feel ready to hit the gym or go on a diet.

We cannot blame anyone as we do have to go through tight schedules and maintain the house as well. This is the life story of many women who are frustrated with juggling everything at the same time.

When they face their mirrors they often fell distraught look at the shape that they have attained. Alas! Having a toned body is a dream for many.

Women have had a problem with their stomach area for a long time. They have a flat stomach in their early days. But the scenario changes drastically after they have a child. Many women also suffer from food-related issues and they end up losing weight.

So, they hunt diets and exercises that will give them a toned body but none of it works as they aren’t properly motivated. In reality, one needs to dedicate every day of their life to see a positive change in their body. On that thought, we have brought some tips and knowledge regarding a toned abdomen.

How To Get Toned Body Fast: Approach to the Change

Before beginning on the journey one will need to jot down some points to get their desired success. A toned stomach that you see in celebrities is a journey that they undertake for several years.

They have a strict diet and exercise regime that is impossible for a modern day everyday woman. So, we need something real to go with our plan to tone our stomach.

Another thing that one needs to keep in mind is that if they are obese or overweight, then they will need to lose the extra weight before getting a flat or toned stomach.

No one should have high soaring expectations from the process as sometimes it is impossible to have the photoshopped look. Some points to remember:

• The toning will be a gradual change.

• Equal emphasis needs to be there for diet and exercise.

• One will need to stick to the regime or program that they fix.

• Prepare a proper schedule so that you can actually follow it.

• Remain accountable to yourself and treat this process as a challenge.

• Do not put excessive pressure on yourself.

The Diet:


‘We are what we eat.’ This statement stands true in most cases as we experience the excessive growth in obesity rates throughout the world. The fizzy drinks and the calorie-rich fast foods aren’t good for our body.

So, we should begin with planning our diet so that it is proper. Make it as easy as you can. If you feel sluggish to cook every day then think about meal planning ahead of time.

Key things to note when on a diet:

• Avoid all kinds of junk foods, fast foods, processed foods and sugar intake.

• A diet doesn’t stand for starvation. Eat small portions but divide it into a number of meals.

• Drink the recommended amount of water.

• Keep a food diary to note the things that you have eaten.

• Get a health check-up that can help you to figure out your optimum calorie intake.

Stay away from foods that cause bloating. These may include wheat products, milk products, beans etc.

Diet Tips to Achieve a Toned Stomach:

It is best to move your diet from something drastically unhealthy to a healthier track. Start by including more green vegetables and whole grains into your diet. Also, include healthy oils like cold pressed coconut oil and clarified butter into your diet. Limit dairy intake in your diet as it often doesn’t go well with adult stomachs. Ditch the processed foods and make something similar at your home.

You can try some low carbohydrate diets like the Paleo or Ketogenic diets as they seem to work well to tone down the stomach. But make sure to visit a diet specialist before getting on to any drastic diets.

Cutting out sugars is quite important as they aid in the storage of fats particularly in the stomach areas. You do not want extra adipose tissues if you are looking to tone your abdomen. Stay away from the alias of sugars like corn syrup, cane sugar, palm sugar etc. as they are equally unhealthy. Instead, go for artificial sweeteners like monk fruit or stevia to gradually wean yourself from sugar.

Salt or the usual sodium found in the regular salt can also lead to a bloated stomach. You can change your usual salt for organic sea salt or Himalayan rock salts which are a healthier option.

You will need to have an adequate amount of protein in your daily diet if you want to have nice abs. Make sure your daily protein requirement is met. There are several good options available in the market. Try to go for more organically sourced products that are healthier.

Fibre also plays a key role in providing good gut actions in your body. You do not want to have excessive gas build up in your body. Fiber-rich foods include whole foods, leafy vegetables okra and other things. You can also have a teaspoon of psyllium husk in your diet to increase the amount of insoluble fiber.

• As we are dealing with women, we would like to point out the need for vitamins and minerals. Go to your doctor and have check if your diet meets the daily requirement of these things. If not then enquire them about a potent supplement.

• Here is a potent drink that aids in toning the stomach: Just after waking up, take a glass of lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of lemon juice to it. Also, add 2 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to the glass and drink it. You will definitely feel a change in yourself.

How does a diet help in aiding a toned stomach?

A proper diet helps us in getting the energy that we need to perform our daily activities. Most of the people have a calorie intake that is higher than the daily required amount.

People who have a good metabolism or an active life can deal with it. But other fail to burn the excess energy and it turns into fat cells in our body. So, having a proper diet devoid of all the bad things will give our body a fresh start. Elimination of sugar will make sure that extra glucose isn’t being introduced to our body.

The protein aids in building up muscles when we do rigorous exercises. The fiber-rich foods help in passing stool and cleaning our intestines. A wholesome diet of all kinds will lead to the betterment of one’s own body.

That is the reason why food is an integral part of our body. If we keep on feeding junk food to it then no amount of exercise will lead to a toned and flat stomach.

The Exercises:

Most people will assume that the key thing behind getting a toned stomach is because of exercise. It is partly true as exercise does make a change in our body.

But along with it, we do need to have a nice diet to go with it. For exercises, we need to keep in mind that all women do not have the time to hit a gym.

So, we will try to incorporate exercises of different types so that everyone can follow it. They will need to do it on a regular basis so that they can see the change after a month or so.

Requirements for Exercise:

• Appropriate Shoes

• Appropriate Clothes

• Appropriate Water Intake

• Appropriate Body Posture

Floor and Body Weight Exercises:

Always remember that you do not need any machines to get a toned stomach. You will need an ample amount of determination and a good posture to meet your goal.

Floor exercises and freehand exercises are one of the best examples of this. You can do them right at your home without any problem. You will need a mat and a good pair of shoes to start out with the exercises. So, let us see a few of them that are essential to have a toned stomach.



Squats are a great way to tone up the legs and cores. It may seem a little hard in the beginning days but with time you will get the hang of it. It really works on the muscles as you will feel a pull when you start out with them.

The one thing that is important is the body position. Check out some videos to make it perfect for you. Try 3 reps of 10 squats when you are starting out to really feel that tension. With time you can add a mini resistance band or a weight to your squat routine to make it more intense.



Burpees are a nice addition to your exercise regime as they are intense and really work up the body. It is an exercise that includes squats, push-ups and jumps at the same time. This is beneficial to the whole body.

There is a ‘military burpee’ as well which is a little harder than the classic one. Definitely keep your spine straight when you are doing such exercises.

Mountain Climbers

This exercise mimics the position in which you will climb a mountain. It works the core, legs, back, and arms at the same time. You will remain in a push-up position and alternatively bring your legs close to your chest. Keep your body straight while doing the exercise. Definitely check out videos before starting the exercise.

Long Arm Crunch

long arm crunch

All of us knows that crunches are a great exercise for our core. But doing 100 crunches in a day will not be enough for the body. Along with usual crunches, one can try the long arm crunch.

In this exercise, one needs to stretch their arms above their head. Then they need to focus on their abs to work it. The intensity is more in this exercise and it definitely works the body. You can also do the oblique long arm crunch where you alternatively bend towards the left or right side of your body.



Planks are quite underrated and people assume that they are easy. In this exercise, you will need to hold a position for a few seconds. But it works miraculously on the core and a beginner definitely feels it even in a 30-second plank.

You can gradually progress to the side plank to make it tougher for yourself. One can also incorporate side hip drops along with their side planks to make it even more fun.

Leg Lifting

leg lifting

Leg lifts are also a nice exercise that has an impact on the abdomen.

All you will need to do is lie on your back and slowly lift your legs in a straight position. Your arms should lie flat on the ground. Tighten your abdominal muscles to see more changes. If you are in a gym you can perform a pull-up bar leg lifting with the help of your trainer.

Why are these exercises beneficial?

These 6 exercises are one of the simplest things that one can start with at their home. So, let us see some positives of them:

• The exercises do not require any machine or extra pieces of equipment.

• They can be easily done without the help of any trainer.

• It will take around 30 minutes to 1 hour to finish them right at your home.

• If you do them regularly then you will definitely see some changes in a few days.

• They are beginner friendly and you wouldn’t need to think much about them.

• Even your kids can do them with you.

These exercises are definitely great but one should always remember to change things up once in a while so that it doesn’t get monotonous. Our body likes new challenges and changes also limit boredom in our daily routine.

If you are looking for more such exercises, then you can find at emily skye fit’s workout.

A Combination of Cardio & Strength Training

combination of cardio

A certain tiff exists between a group that solely believes in cardio and another which believes in strength training. But in reality, the best results are achieved by people who practice both things.

The cardio exercises help in burning fat and act as an all-body exercise to pump up the heart. The strength exercises help in working up the muscles. So, when you include both of them in your regime you will definitely get a toned stomach.

Treadmill, stairs, elliptical and stationary bikes are nice cardio machines that you should include while in the gym. If you are a beginner then it is best to talk to your trainer about the exercises that you should include.

Women often neglect thinking that they do not need weight training. But it is a wrong perception for them. Strength training doesn’t induce huge muscle growth in women but it definitely helps in sculpting the muscles. We do recommend following a challenge program. They can be very effective. If you are interested then do read our flat belly fix review.

To see the abs in your stomach, you will need to spend your time in doing strength exercises. A kettlebell is an equipment that you can use to tone your stomach.

Benefits of this regime:

• The cardio helps in losing fat for overweight people.

• The weight training help in growing the muscle mass that you may lose while doing cardio.

• Strength training helps in working out the muscles which people do not use in their sedentary lifestyles.

• They work together to increase the metabolism of our body.

• Heart health is improved when we perform cardiovascular exercises. It also helps in clearing out our airways.

weight training

Make sure that you are planning out the regime before starting out on it. Note the workout down and occasionally change it up. You can definitely take the help of a professional trainer to get a workout plan that works for you the best. Tell them about your goal of having a toned abdomen so that they can include more core related exercises.

HIIT Workouts

hiit workouts

If you have been in touch with the health sector then you will know about HIIT. It is the acronym for High-intensity Interval Training. The crucial part about this workout regime is that it lasts for a very short period of time.

But it works up the body so that it can effectively help you in toning your muscles or in losing weight. Sporadic exercises in intervals give good results in case of weight loss. One can either choose weight training HIIT or cardio HIIT according to their liking.

But it is important to stretch before a HIIT session as it is quite intense on our body. There are several HIIT regimes that one can find on the internet.

They can either stick to them or hire a trainer to give them a personalized routine. But HIIT isn’t for everyone. So, ladies who have muscle or bone problems will need to stay away from it.

If you are looking for such programs then don’t forget to read our bodyboss review.

Benefits of the HIIT regime:

• HIIT exercise help in burning a lot of calories in a short span of time.

• HIIT leads to an increase in the metabolic rate of our body and it does remain like that for a few hours after the workout.

• HIIT is one of the best ways to gain muscles or tone your body.

• People who have diabetes can get help from it as it reduces blood sugar levels.HIIT exercises can be intense so remember to hydrate yourself before doing the exercise.

Also, consult a doctor before starting any intense exercise regime. A health check-up helps in determining any problem that you may give in your body. Also, learn about the body positions pretty well before actually starting a HIIT exercise.

Being regular is quite important to this regime and also change is important. So, prepare your schedule after keeping these points in mind.



Running is a cardiovascular activity that most of us have known for a long time. Almost all of us have heard that running is good for our body.

But most people think that running alone cannot make a change. That is a myth as the runners are one of the healthiest bunches present on the earth. To tone up your stomach you will need to run at a moderate rate for a considerable amount of time.

Yes, it does take longer than strength exercises but it is easier and cheaper to manage for women. The morning is one of the best times to practice running. You should set a KM goal and then run according to that.

After a month or so, try to include interval running into your program. This will definitely help you in toning your stomach.

Benefits of running for a flat stomach:

• Running aids in losing the extra abdominal fat that often hides the stomach muscles.

• Running at a certain pace helps in calories loss.

• Running is healthy for the whole body and it promotes a flexible body.

• Running helps a person with their heart and lungs.

• It is one of the cheapest forms of exercise that one can go for.

When you choose running you will need to realize that it is time invasive. It isn’t for the people who want to see changes quickly. But running will definitely give an overall great health and become a good habit.

Runners should drink an adequate amount of water and use breathable clothes. A main important thing is the shoes, they need to fit right and remain comfortable.


In conclusion, we can say that the process of toning your stomach depends on a healthy diet and a determined exercise routine. As ladies, you will get bloated before the periods or also during it. Do not fret over it as it will go away. WORK HARD and we are sure that with time you will fulfill your dream of having a flat and toned stomach. Pay attention to the tips and you will do great.


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