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Foods To Eat To Lose Weight: 13 Foods You Must Be Aware Of

Foods To Eat To Lose Weight: 13 Foods You Must Be Aware Of

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Diet is an important part of our lives. It makes or breaks our health and the way it paves our world. Food has become a lifestyle these days that has taken over the world.

If you see social media websites then you will see an overwhelming amount of food-based posts. People like to indulge in all kinds of food that looks good but aren’t so healthy for our body.

This has created a problem in this fast track work where there are a number of fast food restaurants all over the world.

The dieticians and doctors of the USA and the UK are fed-up with obese patients and their numbers are rising every year. The government has to give out notifications related to unhealthy food and to curb them.

But when we visit a supermarket, all we see is junk food and processed food. People have almost forgotten to cook these days and they rely on food joints. Good food habit has to grow right from the children as then they can carry it to their adulthood.

For an adult, it is solely on them to refresh their diet and include things that would help them to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.

A Healthy Diet

Almost all of us have been to nutrition classes in school. We were taught about a food pyramid in which carbohydrates were at the bottom and oil were at the top. Let us be real, none of us paid keen attention to it and learned anything from it.

A balanced and healthy diet needs to be something that will give us all the important nutrients and macronutrients from the food that we intake. The good qualities and proper energy will help us to have a balanced life at the end of the day.

This includes having a proper calorie intake and water intake on a daily basis. But most of us have a daily diet which is way over our needed calorie.

To lose weight we will need to create a deficit in calorie intake and to maintain the weight we will need to follow the optimal calorie intake.

Individual foods are quite important in a daily diet. The cooking method of that food also plays a key role in our diet.

For example, Corn popped with oil is less healthy than corn popped with air. The portion size also plays a crucial role in deciding our weight.

So, we thought of including some of the food items that can aid you in losing weight or maintaining a healthy diet.

But remember to be inside your calorie intake and also control portion sizes. If your portion sizes are big then it may result in weight gain even if you are eating healthy. Let us begin with the list.

List of Healthy Foods

leafy greens

Leafy Greens

The green vegetables are your friend from childhood. You may detest the kale but it is one of the healthiest vegetables that exist on your plate.

The best thing about leafy greens is that you can have a tonne of them without much calorie intake. They are high in vitamins and minerals which form an important part of our daily nutrition.

Some of the best leafy greens are Kale, Collard Greens, Spinach, Romaine Lettuce, and Arugula. Eating leafy greens is often a horror show for many.

But if you learn to make a tasty and appetizing salad then the work will become easier.

It is quite easy to churn out good salads and there are a lot of internet sites paying homage to these amazing vegetables. Every one of them tastes very different and try each of them out and picks your best experience.

Benefits of Leafy Greens:

• Leafy greens help in proper digestion.

• They provide nutrients that produce a glowing skin.

• They improve your eyesight.

• They have everything that one needs for a wholesome weight loss program. This includes vitamins, minerals, water and dietary fiber.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous Vegetables

The steamed broccoli may seem yucky and tasteless at first but it is a great weight loss food. Cruciferous vegetables are easy to find a thing in our supermarkets and we can incorporate them into our everyday lives.

But we need to change the way that we cook them. Boiling them isn’t the only way to go. There are several nice recipes that can change the usual experience of having such vegetables.

Well, known cruciferous vegetables are cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, bok choy and Brussels sprouts. Both kids and adults should include more of them in their diets.

People who are following a weight loss diet should definitely include a healthy portion of them in their daily diets.

Benefits of Cruciferous Vegetables:

• These vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants that help in boosting the immune system of our body.

• It aids in weight loss as it doesn’t have many calories but are dense in nutrients.

• They are one of the best vegetables for people who have Type 2 Diabetes or Insulin Resistance.

• They have anti-inflammatory properties in them. This helps people who suffer from pain and inflammation problems.



We generally attach cucumbers with salads or pickles. But in reality, cucumbers are a great fruit that you can include in your life. It is a part of the gourd family which gives it the heavy water content.

It is rich in nutrients and is very low in calorie. Both these things are important points for people who want to lose weight. One may snack on raw cucumbers as they taste quite great.

They hail from India and now there are several types of cucumbers growing throughout the world.

Benefits of Cucumbers:

• They provide you with the needed hydration because of their high water content.

• They are rich in nutrients and totally fat-free.

• A lot of anti-oxidants are found in the fruit.

• Unlike other fruits, it is quite low in the sugar and carbohydrate content as well.

• It is a great fruit for weight loss.

• Eating cucumber regularly can give you regular bowels.



Nuts are an amazing weight loss product for people who like snacking. A small handful portion of nuts are a great snack and it does fill you up appropriately. This is of course for people who do not have a nut allergy.

Nuts are important as they are filled with healthy oils that are crucial for our body. Some of the best nuts are Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, Cashews, Pecans, Macadamia nuts, and Hazelnuts.

Portion control is very important when you are having nuts. They are rich in healthy dietary fats but overeating can result in weight gain.

So, find out the appropriate portion size of the nuts before blindly eating them.

Benefits of Nuts:

• Nuts are really great for heart health.

• The oils present in the nuts are good for your body and they can actually help reduce the bad cholesterol.

• Nuts are rich in nutrients and they are calorie heavy.

• Nuts are also rich in fibers that are important for our body.

• They are full of anti-oxidants and can help in reducing inflammation of our body.

whole eggs

Whole Eggs

Eggs have been a debate topic for a long time. Some people think that eggs are healthy and some call it a bad protein and fat source. But recent studies do show that eggs are beneficial for our body.

The fats present in the yolk are rich and they are healthy. It is definitely safe to eat 1-2 eggs a day for both adults and kids.

In weight loss diets you need to keep a track on everything that you are eating.

To meet the protein goals you can definitely eat whole eggs. They are a great source of protein and have lesser calories than red meats. Our recommendation is to source eggs that are organic and are derived from free range chickens.

They are healthier as they come from happy chickens.

Benefits of Eggs:

• Eggs have several nutrients that are needed by our body.

• The cholesterol present in eggs can actually help in the rise of the good cholesterol present in our body.

• They can become a helper to aid heart diseases.

• Eggs are an awesome source of protein.

• Eggs tend to keep you full for a long period of time which is great for people who are on weight loss diets.



Recently the internet was taken by a storm of people who were praising the Avocado. Before this many people were actually aloof of this Mexican fruit and never wanted to taste it.

People especially vegans and vegetarians were talking about all the benefits that the fruit has. They even started using Avocado oil as it is healthier than their usual cooking oil.

Are avocados really good? Yes, they are as they are equipped with lots of nutrients along with essential fats.

They are filling and aids in giving your body what it needs. Avocados are also a versatile fruit, you can make salads out of them or have it as a dip.

They will be your friend in weight loss as they taste good and are actually healthy.

Benefits of Avocados:

• Avocados are filled with important nutrients.

• They aid you in having a healthier heart.

• It is a fruit so it contains a lot of dietary fibers which aid in digestion and better gut health.

• The fat found in Avocados help us in absorbing the nutrients present in other plant-based food.

• They are delicious and you can make a tonne of recipes with them.

whole grains

Whole Grains

If you look at our daily diets then you will see that we have screwed it. A lot of our food industries pay attention to the looks of the food rather than its nutrients.

This has indeed become a problem for every consumer. Whole grains are an optimal nutrition that is required by our body. Grain cultivation is quite old and it has an important part in the human civilization.

But the thing that is wrong right now is the over processing of grains. We have an array of white rice options and we are bleaching the wheat flours.

But this isn’t right. In weight loss, we should always focus on more whole grains. The options include brown rice, quinoa, millet, oats, buckwheat, and sorghum.

Benefits of Whole Grains:

• Whole grains have a lot of fiber and nutrients.

• They reduce the change of getting obese and keep you full for longer periods of time.

• They are great for people with Type 2 Diabetes.

• There are lots of gluten-free options.

• They have anti-inflammatory properties.



Fishes have been a delicacy throughout the world. Asian countries like Japan have a fish based diet and they are quite healthy. Salmon is one such fish that is widely available in many parts of the world and people like the taste.

It takes just a few minutes to cook it up and it can become a part of a hearty meal. People who are on a weight loss journey often complain about the taste of food.

But they can definitely try out salmon as it is nutritionally dense and have an amazing taste. These days the market is filled with salmons and other fishes that aren’t fed or caught properly.

So, people should look for wild caught salmon pieces as they are healthier and have the much needed healthy fat content.

Benefits of Salmon:

• Salmon is rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids which is crucial for the body.

• It is rich in protein so it can adequately work as a protein source in weight loss diets.

• Several types of essential Vitamins are found in salmons.

• Salmon may have hormone regulating properties that help in the maintenance of weight

• Salmon is really good for the brains and also the eyes.


Cold-pressed Coconut Oil

When we think of diets we often forget to include the much-needed fats of our diet. A balanced diet doesn’t exclude healthy fats. Our body does need fats and they aren’t always the culprits.

Coconut oil is a fan favorite of tropical countries and they use it for all purposes. The best thing that they do is to include it in their food. This provides a nutty flavor and also promotes great health.

But it is important to get cold-pressed unrefined coconut oil as they have the most nutrients.

Benefits of Coconut Oil:

• They are amazing for weight loss because of the presence of medium chain fatty acids.

• Daily intake of the oil actually helps in increasing the immunity.

• It is one of the best things to have if someone has digestion problems. Coconut oil is also very easy to digest.

• Coconut oil helps in fighting against Candida growth which may cause yeast infections.

• It is a great oil for hair growth and skin treatments.

• It provides care to your heart.



Yogurt is a global favorite that is made through the bacterial fermentation of milk. But we aren’t talking about those flavored yogurts. For weight loss, you will need to have the plain yogurt devoid of all sugars.

You can spruce it up by adding berries to make it naturally flavourful. Fermented foods have a lot of benefits for our body. They help in boosting our immunity and helps in fighting the bacterium present in our body.

So, people who want to lose weight should stack some Greek yogurt in their fridge.

Benefits of Yogurt:

• Yogurt is a good source of protein.

• It has a lot of the necessary nutrients.

• It is a superb addition to digestion.

• Yogurt is a nice addition to the diet of someone who is looking forward to losing weight. It is widely available and can act as a healthy dip or side.

green tea

Green Tea

Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world after water. It is a routine for several people to drink tea in their daily lives. But due to chain coffee and tea shops what they receive are a sugary concoction.

But in actual tea brewing countries like Japan and China, they prefer to drink green tea. Green tea is widely popular these days due to the internet.

Several companies have included it in their menu and made dishes out of it.

There are several types of green tea but it depends on you to choose the strain that you like the most. As you may have guessed, green tea helps in weight loss.

It has a cult following and they aren’t lying. Green tea can actually provide you with a better health if you have it along with a healthy diet.

Always keep in mind that you need to brew the tea according to the given instruction to get the best results. Also, do not ingest green tea in an empty stomach.

Benefits of Green Tea:

• Green tea increases the metabolism rate of our body which helps in fat loss.

• It is rich in anti-oxidants which increase the immunity power of our body.

• Green tea can actually help in the prevention of cancer.

• Green tea helps people who have Type 2 Diabetes and PCOS.

• Green tea can actually aid in a clearer mind and have shown signs of preventing Alzheimer’s.

If you are interested in green teas we do recommend to read our flat tummy tea review. It give you deep insights on what to expect from such teas.



Berries hail from the fruit families. They are found all over the world and ancient civilizations used them to treat health issues. Mass cultivation of berries have made them quite popular and people do eat them.

Berries are a necessity for people who are on the journey for weight loss. They aren’t high on sugar which is a great thing for weight loss. Also, there is a huge variety to choose from.

They are also easily available and you can snack on them easily.

Some must have berries are Goji berries, Blueberries, Acai Berries, and Blackberries. Keep your portion in control when you are having berries.

They are a nice addition to oatmeals, smoothie bowls, and yogurts. They add a little sweetness and spruces up the mixture immediately.

Benefits of berries:

• They are rich with anti-oxidants which are important to run our bodies.

• They contain a lot of fibers.

• They have anti-inflammatory properties.

• Daily intake of berries will provide you with a nice and glowing skin.

• They help in keeping the arteries in a healthy position.

• You can incorporate berries in all types of diets.

chilli peppers

Chilli Peppers

The red and green chilies look really good in the cuisines around the world. But most people are afraid of them because of the heat they produce.

The chili peppers can actually work miraculously in resetting metabolism in people who are struggling with their weight. Capsaicin is present in this which provides it with all the benefits.

There are several ways of incorporating it into the diet without having to burn your tongue.

Benefits of Chilli Peppers:

• They are most helpful in pain management in people.

• Chilli peppers do aid in weight loss by promoting metabolism, reducing appetite and by increasing fat burning.

• It improves cognitive functioning.

• It can reduce blood pressure.

• It can help to boost immunity.

• Chilli pepper improves longevity.


In conclusion, we can say that these foods will definitely aid in weight loss. But people have to keep in mind that everything should be under portion control to make it an optimal weight loss program.

Pick and choose between things that you like or are available to you. Do not put much pressure on yourself for the weight loss regime. These foods are a great addition to one’s pantry because they provide benefits to the human body.

Follow a balanced diet and we are sure that you will see proper results in only a few days. Also, remember to add regular exercise along with your diet to get a toned and healthy body.


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