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Food Pairing For Weight Loss

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Obesity has been a very prominent cause of losing self-confidence. It also causes different problems regarding health. A massive chunk of the population is affected by this problem due to their uneven routine, eating habits and psychological effects.

When it comes to massive weight gain that causes obesity has been the sole effect of food habits and pairing. The change in food habits is one of the prominent causes of getting obese.

It is very important to maintain your food habits and pair up good foods altogether to save yourself from the susceptibility of getting obese.

This excerpt is equipped with some of the essential elaborations of the fact that how food pairing helps to lose weight.

This aspect of nutrition is very important in this stressful world where every individual is very busy in their work. We will provide the effective definition of food pairing slog with its usage and benefits, there will be a special mention of different ways by which you can do effective food pairing in your home only without any external help.

This excerpt will be able to provide all the other answers related to weight loss and food pairing effectively. 

What Is Food Pairing?

food pairing

Food pairing is nothing but a practice in which you identify the foods that will go together while providing maximum digestive and nutritional value. It relates to the different aspect of the taste and flavor that initially helps to cater to all the food needs.

The principle being this practice is that the foods combine and provides massive nutritional value when they share key flavor components. This is one of the new methods that are being utilized so that to cater to some of the basic needs.

It helps in both weight gain and loss. The right pairing of food can provide the immense possibility to shed those extra pounds you want to shed or gain. Japenese people have been practicing food pairing philosophy for quite some time & it is called as Shokuiku

What Is The Science Behind Food Pairing?

Food pairing is a new method of planning your food intake. This is not only a vague idea as it is based upon scientific research. As we get, here we are providing some of the credible information that links the scientific importance with this method of food pairing.

Connected To Flavor Pattern 

flavor pattern

It is quite affirmative that food has a specific place in arousing our senses. Our perception is massively dependent upon the sight, impact of color, or presentation of the food or the hearing of crunchiness affect the core perception.

We can say that our flavor experiences depend upon or main sensations that are taste, touch, and smell.

This is connected to different senses in this way that our taste buds are critically linked to our flavor experience when we taste the food we can detect 5 basic tastes in our mouth that is due to our tongue sweet, salt, bitter, sour and umami.

The other aspects of food such as texture, freshness, and pungency can be experienced when we bite or chew the food. This shows that our tongue and mouth keeps an important place while experiencing the taste of any food.

It is scientifically deduced that only 20 percent of our flavor experience depends upon taste and touch, the rest of the flavor experience is due to the sense of smell.

Smell & Aroma Acquire An Important Place


It is proved that our sense of smell can experience 10000 different odors. In this, the odors are also known as smells, fragrances, scents and also consist of different aroma molecules.

These are volatile compounds. Aromas or smells are of utmost volatility and can reach or sense of smell with the help of air we inhale. We get the sense of these aromas through the nose and also through the mouth. 

These are the key drivers of our flavor experience. It links the connection between food and drinks.

The 80 percent of flavor is known as the aroma. Just take an example of roasted food that contains different aromas. It contains 1000 aromas.

Without opening your nose if you are eating or drinking any of the food or beverages then this will not provide the desired flavor experience which you get previously.

Apart from the above description there different scientific researches have been done regarding the aroma profile of the ingredients of the food. Here we are providing some of the insights about those researches.

Ingredients Of The Food According To Their Aroma Profile As Per The Food Pairing

The aroma aspect of the food is the starting point of any type of food pairing bad it is related to scientific research. There are a different set of ingredients that are deduced with the help of gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry.

There are different results of the food pairing by which different professionals extract the aroma data related to the human sense of smell. Some foods contain different numerous aromas but there lies the only couple of aromas that make it stand apart.

Relevance To The Human Sense Of Smell

The aroma tends to reach a specific level of the flavor. There are specific ingredients that are sensitive to humans. There are some of the enhanced interactions that are of high threshold to humans that easily detect the smell. Different chart levels describe the fruity, cheesy, green and roasted aromas of the different foods. 

The Calculations Of Food Pairings

The scientific research defines specific techniques that are responsible for algorithmic calculation that defines how much the food is well enough.

There are different research the provides ways for food pairing there are different foods that share certain key aromas that will coincide with the recipe or the food specified.

There are some of the different traditional approaches that keep the food pairing intact and can be beneficial for those who want to lose weight. This calculation can’t be done on your own as some of the specific formulae entail the accurate amount of the food paired. 

Best Food Pairings For Weight Loss

Green Tea + Lemon + Mint

green tea

This is one of the healthiest drinks that provide an enormous capacity to provide health benefits. With this, you can easily get a healthy drink that helps in maintaining weight.

Effects: Tea is an ecstatic drink that has proven to help you slim down and blast belly fat. Green tea is high in the antioxidant ECGC that is capable of burn fat. It also provides catechins that are responsible for promoting the release of fat from fat cells and can help your liver turn fat into energy.  

How to eat: just squeeze a lemon in your green tea, which contains pectin and polyphenols. These foods pairings are proven to help people feel fuller and lose weight. Add some mint, which is a proven appetite suppressant.

Oatmeal + Blueberries + Cinnamon

oatmeal and blueberries

This is one of the best and rich in high-fiber whole grains that can help you lose weight. Just start your day off with a bowl of oatmeal. 

Effects: different studies suggest high amounts of insoluble fiber will help you shut off hunger and feel satisfied for longer. Just add some toppings of blueberries that are rich in antioxidants like polyphenols and can help blast away belly fat.

How to eat: Sprinkle on some insulin-controlling cinnamon for a nutrition-rich breakfast that will melt away the extra pounds.

Avocado + Sprouted Grain Bread + Cayenne Pepper

Though this can be costly it provides effective functioning when paired in a specific quantity and taken as per the specified timing.

Effects: it can be a real fat-burning snack if you make it right. Avocado contains healthy monounsaturated fats that contain oleic acid that keeps you feeling fuller longer. Sprouted grain bread, like Ezekiel bread, is packed with fiber, which also keeps you feeling satisfied and squashes hunger.

How to eat: just spread some smashed avocado with cayenne pepper that contains capsaicin, an appetite suppressant. Capsaicin helps to reduce caloric intake. It also helps you in reducing belly fat.

Greek Yogurt + Raspberries + Almond


Greek yogurt is the foremost ingredient of the best food pairing, and for good reason. Though this food pairing can cost you massive but also provides effective health benefits. It’s packed with protein, which can help you build fat-burning muscle. 

Effects: It has a healthy dose of vitamin D and calcium, both of which can help turn off the fat-producing stress hormone cortisol. 

How to eat: mix it up with your boring plain yogurt with raspberries. These are rich in antioxidant berries that contain polyphenols, which have proven to help in stopping the formation of fat cells. Just add some with a few almonds for a salty crunch. 

Apples + Peanut Butter + Cinnamon

apples and peanut butter

This food pairing provides a multitude of benefits. The ingredient in this food pairing is way healthier than others.

Effects: Peanut butter contains monounsaturated fat. It helps to make you slim down by keeping you feeling full, and polyunsaturated fats that can help to improve insulin metabolism. 

How to eat: just spread your favorite peanut butter on an apple, which is full of fiber, a nutrient that can help reduce visceral fat. You can sprinkle of cinnamon, which contains antioxidants called polyphenols that can help keep blood sugar stable and keeps the unusual fat away from the vicinity.

Water + Cucumber + Lemon


This is one of the simplest food pairings with some tasty and all-natural ingredients make you drink more of this flat-belly fluid. You can pack a one-two punch with extra metabolism-boosting nutrients.

Effects: One of the easiest ways to increase weight loss is to play with food pairing via delicious detox water. 

How to eat: Try adding in slices of cucumber, which are high in vitamins C and K. Squeeze in some lemon for an appetite suppressor.

Eggs + Avocado Oil + Spinach

eggs and avocado

Eggs are a satisfying choice when it comes to a meal or snack, thanks to the protein content and not only will the protein help you lose weight. It also helps in losing the amino acid arginine.

Effects: it is found that obese women who were given arginine over 12 weeks lost an average of 7 centimeters from their waists, and dropped an average of 6.5 pounds. This is one of the best food pairings among all of the above.

How to eat: Eat them along with a small serving of spinach. It is quite rich in filling fiber and muscle-boosting iron. Those who consumed thylakoids, the green leaf membranes found in spinach. Just drizzle with avocado oil, a light-tasting oil rich in satisfying monounsaturated fats will provide a great taste and ultimate benefit.

If you are interested in food pairing we do recommend reading our Cinderella Solution Review. It describes the weight loss journey of Ava Brown and shows how effective food pairing can be in losing weight.

Perks Of Food Pairing

  • It helps to lose the most prominent fat from the body i.e. waist fat. The food pairings are quite effective in losing weight.

  • High amounts of insoluble fiber will help extensively to shut off hunger and feel satisfied for longer.

  • There are food pairings that consist of antioxidants like polyphenols and can help blast away belly fat.

  • Different food pairings provide extra metabolism-boosting nutrients.

  • These food pairings can help you slim down by keeping you feeling full, and polyunsaturated fats, that can help improve insulin metabolism. 

  • There are different food pairing that is rich in catechins and another antioxidant that can promote the release of fat from fat cells, and can help your liver turn fat into energy. 

  • Some of the food pairings are equipped with a healthy dose of vitamin D and calcium that are responsible for helping to turn off the fat-producing stress hormone cortisol.

Ultimately, there different ways by which one can shed their weight. Some of the people prefer extensive training and exercises, but that doesn’t help completely.

If you want to get the ultimate result from those exercises and training, then it should be complemented with food pairing as there are different perks of food pairing that adjoins with the exercises.

Food keeps a very important place while you try to shed some weight. If you are thinking just the exercises or weight training will provide it then you are getting it wrong. There are different sets of ingredients and nutrients fulfilled with accurate food pairing. 

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