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There’s no denying that humans are highly programmable beings.

Right from television to books, magazines and other forms of media program us to believe what is correct and what isn’t. What is good and what is not. What is desirable and what is repulsive.

So when I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my 5’4, 165 lbs. frame with a body fat percentage well over 35, I kept telling myself that this is normal.

This is the way that black women are supposed to look. It’s in our genes. We tend to hold more fat around the thighs, buttocks and belly.

And that folks, is the biggest lie that’s being fed day after day, year after year to everyone.

This is what you are supposed to look like. This is what Mexican women look like. This is the ideal Caucasian body type. This is what a Chinese woman should look like.’

Tell you what? It’s a huge load of bullsh**.

brianna author

There is no universal body type except the one that you love yourself.

You can transform your body completely; totally against the standards set by society of course.

My name is Brianna Williams and this is my body transformation story.

Childhood & Body Perceptions

Growing up in a middle-class American home, we were surrounded by processed foods.

Starting with sugar-laden cereals and milk in the morning, topped with some waffles and syrup which accounted for a whopping 500 calories at times, our food choices were guided by taste, rather than good health.

And then there was convenience. One trip to the supermarket and we pretty much had everything we needed. Including healthy foods, mind you. Only, they weren’t as healthy as they proclaimed to be.

Canned veggies, snacks crammed with salt, processed meats, processed dairy, instant noodles, granola bars, just about everything that we ate came from a packet or a bottle or a can.

And not once did we believe that we were eating wrong.

That’s because everybody was eating it.

What could possibly be wrong with it?’ That’s would mamma would say.

Despite the diet, my siblings were athletic. Trevon, my elder brother stood 6’4 and 290 lbs. He was being called the next big NFL-prospect in Sophomore year.

Aliyah, my elder sister wasn’t doing too bad herself. She was a track and field athlete and could bench press 250 lbs.

And then there was me. Shorter, chubbier, the quintessential black American woman.

You’re a clone of your grandma’, everybody would quip. I liked that compliment.

I was happy in my space. That’s until reality hit me like a tracer bullet.

health problems

The College Years & The Health Problems

A month after I entered college, I was at my podgy best. My waistline had expanded to 36”. At my height, that would have been enough reason to sound alarm bells for most people.

But hey, I was programmed to believe that it was normal, you see.

So, I went about with my life the same way. Gorging on fast food, living on granola bars whenever I could, munching candies and soda and pizzas.

Life was bliss, until, the gang of girls decided to participate in a marathon.

I told them straight away that this wasn’t my cup of tea.

I had never run a short sprint, let alone a marathon.

But there was an option to walk. I just had to do, what was called, ‘The Freedom Walk’.

Walking 2-kms at my own pace didn’t sound like too difficult.

So I signed up with zero preparation for the marathon. Hell, I didn’t even do a practice walk.

The previous day, I ate what was a typical dinner for me. A Deep dish buffalo mac and cheese and slept like a rock. That’s more than 2000 calories in a plate mind you.

On D-Day, everybody was in high spirits. It was bright and sunny. The music was blaring. The crowd was cheering and we started the run. The walk in my case.

It seemed like a normal walk at first. I was keeping pace with Marie, my bestie. And at one point, I even overtook her.

And then I started to feel uneasy, a little dizzy, sweating and then I blacked out.

I woke with a bandage on my head and a concussion. I had fainted and fallen head first on a metal flagpole.

That was the least of my problems though.

My health markers were all over the place. High cholesterol, borderline hypertension and racing towards full-blown Type II diabetes.

It was a shocker.

At first, the doctors did a typical black and white diagnosis. A barrage of pills to suppress the symptoms.

But that evening, Trevon and Aliyah, gave me a mouthful.

I had been neglecting my health for too long and my body had been telling me to stop for a long time. I just wasn’t listening.

I introspected. A lot. And I realized that it was upon me.

I could make healthier eating choices. I didn’t have to be influenced by cultural expectations. I was convincing myself that this was normal, when it wasn’t. I was in denial.

It was time to change. Trevon opined that hitting a gym right off the bat could be overwhelming for me. So he suggested that I could start with a home based workout plan.

Not something overly aggressive, like Insanity or P90X, mind you.

Instead, he recommended that I try out a program called ‘The 21-day flat belly fix’.

It was one of the best fat loss programs that he’d seen in recent times, he said. One of his friend’s father, who was 61 and 240 lbs. had been able to lose 31 lbs. with the program.

flat belly fix

My 21-Day Flat Belly Fix Review

As someone who has never lifted a dumbbell in my life, the idea of a workout and diet program seemed too difficult to come to terms with.

Would it involve restricting myself? Would it make me feel deprived?

Would I be able to cope up with the sudden exertion?

With a lot of niggling doubts in my mind, I signed up for the 21-day Flat Belly Fix program. (Trevon would kill me if I didn’t.)

As I watched the introduction video, it was like my life unfolding in front of my eyes.

The Flat Belly Fix is a 21-day program that relies on a three-pronged approach to help you target the stubbornest and unhealthiest fat in your body, your belly fat.

You see, the fat on your belly that’s visible outside is subcutaneous fat and the problems caused by this fat is merely cosmetic. But if you have subcutaneous fat then chances are high that you have a metabolically active layer of fat that has surrounded your vital organs and is slowly sucking the life out of them.

That’s visceral fat. And that was what was causing all the problems for me as well.

Are 21-days sufficient to undo the damage that a lifespan of unhealthy eating and inactivity does to your body? That was my first doubt.

But I soon realized that rather than selling a quick-fix, like a 4-week transformation plan, the makers here were trying to sell you a healthy lifestyle. You would learn everything that you had to learn about losing the toxic visceral fat in just 21-days.

And you could easily apply these principles to the rest of your life.

How The 21-Day Flat Belly Fix Works

As I mentioned, there are three phases of the program.

Phase 1: The 21-Day System

This is a PDF or an e-book that you can download instantly. It is a slightly long but very interesting read that gives you a bird’s eye view of how nutrition and diet affect everything you do. Right from human anatomy to factors like cholesterol production by the body, external factors that can affect or alter it, triglycerides, insulin resistance, the response of the body when you eat sugary foods, what describes sugar, how to modify your lifestyle to suit the 21-day system, calorie counting, modifying serving sizes and introducing portion control, it has everything that you need to understand what you were doing wrong.

As a neuroscience student, I can vouch that the data in the PDF plan is accurate and up-to-date. Not some outdated rehashed crap that’s being sold to gullible customers.

One of the most interesting things that I learned from it was that the timing of the food is as important as what you eat. The human body is regulated by the circadian rhythm and it has been designed to slow down at specific times of the 24-hour cycle.

If you eat at those times, your metabolism will be extremely sluggish and chances are that it’s going straight to your tummy to be stored as fat for future use. Use that never comes to be honest.

As someone who was hungry all the time, mostly at midnight, I pictured the number of snacks that I used to have after dinner. It had all added up.


Phase 2: The 7-Minute A Day Exercise Protocol

The second phase is exercise. There’s no denying that you cannot lose weight without exercise. There are no shortcuts. You cannot cut corners. Period.

But the 21-day flat belly fix doesn’t expect you to start performing HIIT or lift heavy weights from day 1.

You will only be performing 7-minute drills once a day for 7-days of the week. 7-minutes.

At first, I thought that this was a gimmick and I was being taken for a ride. But once I performed the first drill, I realized that this was for real.

It was a combination of fast movements, isometric holds that caused system tension and activated muscle fibers. Most importantly, I was sweating like hell by the end of it.

There are 7 different videos for each day of the week. So I never got bored of it either.

The target here is the belly area. But you can be rest assured that you will be losing fat and looking toned from everywhere else as well. Spot fat reduction is a myth. These guys aren’t selling it.

Instead, the focus here is on feeling healthier, losing fat and looking better.


Phase 3: The Smoothies (My favorite)

I would be lying if I told you that this wasn’t my favorite part of the program.

The 21-day Flat Belly Fix gives you a guide with 15 smoothie recipes.

One of my concerns was whether I would have to give up on some of my favorite foods, like chocolate.

This put the concerns to rest.

The smoothie guide shows you how to make some of the tastiest and healthiest smoothies that you can consume instead of one meal in the day. Not only is the smoothie extremely satiating, but it is also nutritious and delicious.

Hell, I could live on this forever.

Some of my favorite smoothies in the list are Choco-Almond, Banana-nut, Turmeric-chai and Green Turmeric.

I tried sourcing ingredients for the Coconut Milk Yoghurt smoothie. But haven’t been able to find them yet. Not a biggie though.


The Flat Belly Fix Diet

The diet plan is as follows.

You start your day at 8 am with the Flat Belly Fix Tea.

It’s a herbal green tea that you can make yourself with locally-sourced ingredients.

Try to swap the sugar with zero calorie alternatives like Stevia. Or coconut sugar or Palm sugar if that works for you.

What the tea does is curb hunger pangs and the mild caffeine refreshes you. Since you have the last meal of the day at 8 PM, you will be fasting for 12 hours when you have the tea.

This helps you extend it to 16-hours. So, you can have the first meal at 12 noon.

Fast for two more hours and then have the second meal between 6 PM to 8 PM.

Now, what I figured is that there’s no need to follow this verbatim. You can adjust your calories in two or even three meals provided that you stick to the eating windows and are eating in a deficit.

That’s what matters the most.

I was bothered that I would have hunger pangs in a few hours after dinner. But the dinner meal is rich in fiber, veggies and fruits which surprisingly, managed to keep me full all night.

My Results With The Program

Within just 3-days, I had dropped 2 lbs. I guess it was water weight. But hell, I felt more energetic and charged.

Within a week, I was 4 lbs. lighter. The exercise programs definitely had a role to play.

In the second week, I struggled a little to control my sugar craving. But the diet program helped me swap it with healthier alternatives like peanut butter cookies, unsweetened cocoa and stevia.

At the end of the 21-days, I had lost 10 lbs. It wasn’t ground-shattering results. But for me, it was a game changer.

As I stripped to my skivvies and watched myself in the mirror, I was amazed at what healthy eating had done to my body.

  • I had lost weight.

  • I looked toned

  • I felt more active

  • My craving for junk food (table sugar and white flour) had all but disappeared

  • My skin looked better

  • My muscles were starting to peep from within the copious layers of fat

  • My midsection was down three-inches to 33”

  • I was able to walk for 4-km without feeling pooped out

I decided to continue the 21-day program until I had achieved a body that I was comfortable with.

Three Months Later

It’s been three months since I have started with the 21-day Flat Belly Fix. Here is my before & after pic

flat belly fix results

I am 25 lbs. lighter. More importantly, there has been a marked improvement in my lipid profile and my overall health markers. I am no longer on anti-hypertensive pills. The dosage for the cholesterol pills have been tapered down to almost zero.

And I am looking to graduate to more intense workout programs.

I recently tried CrossFit and loved it. I also did a 10-km marathon recently and completed it like it was a walk in the park.

The 21-day Flat Belly Fix program has been a game changer for me.

And I highly recommend it to anyone who’s struggling with weight loss.

I recently shared it with my teacher who was struggling with postpartum weight loss.

She’s lost 9 lbs. so far. She’s amazed at how it’s managed to help her get rid of the dreaded ‘Lower Belly Pooch’, that hanging belly that most women struggle to get rid of.

You see, there are many cookie cutter programs that are thrown at you without fully understanding where you come from or what your current health markers are.

The 21-day Flat Belly Fix is unlike all of them.

What I Didn’t Like About The Flat Belly Fix

If there is one thing that I would change about the program if I could, then it would be introducing a cheat meal once a week.

But maybe it can be counterproductive if it were to be introduced so early when your body is still trying to fight off the healthy eating habits.

After three rounds of the program, I am at a stage when I don’t bother counting calories anymore. I just know what portion sizes to eat, what foods to eat and what ones to avoid.

Every now and then, I enjoy a beer. I eat a slice of pizza. I have a greasy burger. You only live once.

It’s just that I don’t do it every day. I treat these foods as occasional treats and I try to eat healthy consistently.

Flat Belly Fix Discounts & Coupon Code

If you’re looking for Flat Belly Fix coupon code or discount then let me say I tried everything and nothing worked.

I did try good amount of coupon websites and all ended up saying “The coupon code you entered is invalid“.

But the official page of flat belly fix program sometimes gives a discount: www.flatbellyfix.com

A Decision That You Won’t Regret

As I close this blog entry, I will say that healthy eating and incorporating exercise is not as difficult as it is made out to be.

Try the 21-day Flat Belly Fix and you won’t even realize that you have adopted a lifestyle instead of a weight loss program.

Highly recommended.

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