Emily Skye Fit Workout Review – Why I don't Like it


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authorHi! My name is Emma G. It has been over 6 years that I have been married. I am a mother of a single boy and I had to leave my job after I gave birth to my boy. I guess that’s how it goes.

During the pregnancy period my husband, who is an awesome cook, was in charge of taking care of my nutrition. The food he prepared was so delicious that I wouldn’t know when to stop eating.

Even after the birth of my boy, my husband used to cook our meals and I used to take care of the rest. So, here’s the issue, in short, I just kept eating and started to gain weight.

I remember I had gained over 40 lbs and the side effect of unhealthy eating are that you always feel lethargic, lose control over yourself & being a woman not able to fit in your favorite clothes feels depressing.

Now, it was time to get fit. I grabbed my laptop and started searching for some workout programs. After spending some time, I found a program by a famous fitness model Emily Skye.

She is a personal trainer and seemed to me she knows what she is doing. Here large celebrity following tempted me into buying here program called Emily Skye fit.

Even though I was on a tight budget still I went ahead and bought the program for $49.99. The program turned out to be a complete disappointment for me. Keep reading to know why.

I have timestamped my journey to make sure that you get to know what works & what doesn’t

My Emily Skye Fit Review: A Complete Disappointment (Date: 7th April 2018)

UPDATE (18th September 2018): Just a quick update about my progress. I am currently following the alternate to Emily Skye that I have mentioned in the journey later. It has been effective & I am following it to this day. So, Don’t miss it out. It has helped me achieve my dream figure & is cost & beginner friendly. I am 99% sure you will like it.

After making the payment, I got access to the program which is nothing but a basic pdf guide with some workout videos. I, of course, expect a better program when I am paying $49.

Let me break down the problems with it.

Unrealistic Meal Plan

When you set a goal to lose weight, there are 2 things important; firstly your workout and then the food you eat.

The biggest problem of this program’s nutrition plan is that it seems unrealistic to be honest.

Even being a housewife, I found that I was spending more time in preparing the meals than on focusing on other aspects of the program. The food isn’t family friendly either. I had to cook separate meals for me and my family.

So, if you are having a job don’t expect this to turn out great for you. It really felt that I needed a professional chef so that I can focus on other things in the program.

The second big problem was that the ingredients required to make the food was too costly.

I tried my best to find the cheapest price but still, it would not lower my overall expenses. This really made me sad as I knew this won’t even last for more than a few days.

Emily Skye Workouts

There are more 50 exercises. Some are available as videos and a complete list is available in the ebook.

I found that the workout videos are no different. After paying a good amount, I expect the workouts to be somewhat better.

After looking up for reviews on the internet I found that I was not only the one who was facing such issues.

There were many others who had similar issues. Some of the reviews mentioned billing issue which, however, I never faced it.

Don’t get me wrong but what I found later (Keep reading) is that emily skye workout is actually very expensive as compared to other programs.

Anyway, After 9 days I finally gave up and went on to search for some other program.

This time I made up my mind that I won’t go after any workout programs that are sold by some celebrity with a large number of followers.

If you’re like me & looking for program that is designed for beginners & is also more value for your money then check out the alternative I’m following now www.bikinibodyworkouts.com

Alternative For Emily Skye fit – Here’s What Works For Me (Date: 20th April 2018)

Seeing me sad, my husband suggested me a good idea. He said to look on to forums where people had a bad experience with Emily Skye’s program.

So, I went ahead and looked on to forums. After research for almost 1 week, I finally found a workout program that most people gave a positive feedback.

Over 100+ people said they had lost good amount of weight in 60 days following the Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia. She offers a free book to read. I found it to be very inspiring about how well it was written and had good quality of information; that’s what really made me want the product in first place. GRAB THE FREE BOOK HERE

The amazing thing was that for a fraction of the price you get complete 12 week workout program & meal plan which includes diet plan, recipes, workout videos, shopping list, pdf guides. All this for just $29.99.

I even did some research on the creator and found that Jen is a qualified fitness instructor, coach & model. Going through here social handles I found that she is quite active socially and don’t have a big celebrity status. Find out here more about this program

bikini body workouts

Bikini Body Workout – A true savior for me

I think that I could have saved from wasting my time & money if I had found Jen’s workout earlier. The bikini body workout contains interactive workout videos, 12 week workout guide, nutrition, shopping & supplement guide which is exactly what I wanted.

Even the workout videos are better and the food is easy to prepare & not too costly.

It has been over 2 weeks, I am loving the program; the workout, the meal preparation has become my routine and completely enjoy it. I am already starting to feel quite energetic, toned and already lost some weight.

I know my review about Emily Skye wasn’t in favor of it. It might be that Emily’s program may work for you but certainly, it didn’t work for me. I have no hate for Emily. She has achieved a lot. Period

Here’s a comparison:

12 Week Workout$29.99$49.99
Shopping ListsIncludedNot Included
Interactive Workout VideosIncludedNot Included
Supplement GuideIncludedNot Included
Nutritional GuideIncluded$29.99
60 Days Money Back AssuranceYESNO
TOTAL COST$29.9979.99

If you have any question about any of these programs then feel free to ask them in the comment below & yes please don’t comment about giving the pdf for free. You will have to buy it yourself.

I’ll update this post after 7 to 8 weeks. I will also post my picture if everything goes perfectly as it is now.

Bikini Body Workout Discounts & Coupon Code

The Bikini Body Workout program is priced at $29.99. This price can further be brought down to $22.99 by using the coupon deal which can be found at https://coupon-panda.com/bikini-body-workouts-coupon/

You will miss a good deal; Make sure to check it quick as the coupon can expire anytime.

UPDATE: Results after 7 weeks & Also Before After Pictures. (Date: 28th June 2018)

So, finally I am back here. Time flies so fast. OK OK…Enough of the talking here are my before after pics.

results 1

results 2

Great isn’t it! Not only I have transformed physically but also I feel mentally strong. Every day it feels so special when you are working towards achieving your dream body.

I lost almost 25 lbs (Approx 11kgs) in just 7 weeks which itself is so motivating. Moreover, now I can hop into the clothes that I was not able to fit in. Every time I look in the mirror, I feel new ME.

As per my personal experience, bikini body workout is much better than Emily Skye fit program & I do recommend it.

One thing I learned that you don’t have to spend a fortune to lose weight. A proper plan, patience, consistency & motivation is all you need to achieve a good shape.

How To Stay On Path & Not Lose Focus

Here are some of the tips I followed when I started out:

1. When you are starting out, the first 3 to 4 days will be the days when you will be the most motivated but eventually, the motivation will start to fade away. To prevent this, watch a motivational video daily and get pumped with energy.

2. Keep reminding of the final goal you want to achieve. Setting a goal is necessary as it helps you to stay focused.

3. Reward yourself whenever you achieve a small goal like losing 5 lbs or whatever you set.

4. If you are planning to eat junk food make sure you don’t eat at night. This will make you lazy.

5. Keep track of your goal by making weekly checkpoints. There will be times when you be lacking behind, no need to be hard on yourself. Just learn where you went wrong & make sure not to repeat in future.

6. Limit the use of cell phones, internet, youtube or whatever distracts you. During the workout, keep your cell phone. Once you have achieved your daily goal, you can do whatever you want.

7. Manage your time efficiently. Divide your entire day in such a way that you don’t miss any of your important tasks.


Jen’s Bikini Body Workout program has for sure changed my life but along with it you often need a strong determination to achieve what you want. JUST NEVER QUIT.


5 thoughts on “Emily Skye Fit Workout Review: DON’T BUY UNTIL YOU READ MY HONEST OPINION

  1. Hello, i am glad i am not the only one in thaïs situation !
    I faced trouble with the Emily Sky programm – same that you mentionned but also with the Emily Sky Fitfam team support many trouble after buying her program no full access and communication trouble too. Trust me, i do not mean to criticize her i liked her actually but i feel so disappointed, i m feeling taken for a fool that i unfollow the whole thing and i m looking for another program ! #fitfamdisappointed

  2. Everyone has a different experience with workout programs. I have had fantastic results with Emily’s program and have kept the weight off and maintained my current level of fitness for over four years while now alternating different workout routines. I do not think a whopping 9 days on the program is enough to leave a serious review or to see any kind of tangible results.
    It takes at least 2-3 weeks to begin to ‘feel’ better and months to see true improvement in one’s physique. What most trainers and sellers of “get slim fast” videos (Emily Skye is not in this category) do not tell you is that 90% of it is in what you EAT. So, yes, be prepared to spend several hours a week meal prepping and be disciplined enough to carve out time to do so. I spend 1-2 hours every weekend chopping and slicing so that I do not have to do it during the week, and it pays off every time. It just takes planning and commitment. You will spend a bit more if you’re used to purchasing processed foods, yet you do not have to buy organic all the time or at all. It can take years to unlearn bad eating habits and poor eating choices, so please do not give up! You and your health are worth it!

  3. Well wow this is my experience I guess to late to get my money back. I got Emily’s app 3yrs ago and paid close to $80 dollars. Well guess what this is a rip-off!!! After 3 years of using her apps I just noticed I couldn’t login to my account so I emailed support and guess what since Emily got the new app in order for me to get the app I would need to pay again!!!! And the one I got I can only use it as PDF. What the heck so if you wanna spend money buying Emily Skye app every 3 yrs go ahead!!!

  4. I was sceptical for this program but since it had a 60 days money back I anyway bought it using the coupon link you mentioned https://coupon-panda.com/bikini-body-workouts-coupon/
    Yes, the workouts are really good & jen’s program has a proper routine to follow. Overall nice guide for $22. There’s nothing for me to lose.
    If it will not work for me I will take a refund on the 59th day. LOL

  5. I was going to buy the emily skye’s workout guide but I am really happy I stumbled upon on this review. The bikini body guide is really very affordable.
    I am into my first week & already very impressed with the workouts. Thanks for this review, I owe you one.

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