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Cinderella Solution Review: How 45-Year Old Mother Of Two Went From 182 lbs To 120 lbs.

Cinderella Solution Review: How 45-Year Old Mother Of Two Went From 182 lbs To 120 lbs.

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Did that title sound Click-baity?

Sorry if it did. But to be honest, I wanted to draw your attention to this blog post.

I have seen hundreds of women try every trick in the book to lose weight.

Some of them try desperate stuff. Others try things that border on insane.

Like Theodora, my neighbor’s daughter. She’s just 22. She bought some fancy weight loss pills off a random website on the internet.

A week later, she was wheeled into the ER with severe vomiting and disorientation.

Turned out that the weight loss pills that she bought contained ‘DNP’ or ‘Dinitrophenol’, a banned chemical ingredient that torched her from within.

She was this close to death. Saved only because she had confided in one of her close friends, Barbara that she was using slimming pills which were making her feel funny in the head.

Barbara informed her parents on time.

That got me thinking about the whole weight loss monster that most women cannot seem to tame.

From Suffering to Finding Cinderella Solution

from failure to success

Before I jump the gun, my name is Ava Brown and I am a 45 year old mother of two gorgeous girls (twins). The reason for this rant is that I have recently managed to lose 62 lbs. without any chemical weight loss pills, crash diets, surgery or any of those absurd things that the diet gurus typically advertise.


I didn’t restrict food groups. I didn’t count calories. I didn’t guzzle on caffeine all day. I just lost weight.

For what it’s worth, I lost it from all the areas that were making me feel uncomfortable.

This is my weight loss success story.

The 80s & The Gastronomical Delights

It was a privilege to grow up in the 80s. The Neon, the synth-heavy music, the beverages, the Jell-O pudding pops, TCBY Yoghurt and the Tato Skins, to name a few.

We didn’t fuss over the teeniest of movement on the weighing scale back then. Hell, we were too busy enjoying life one day at a time.

That said, I wasn’t overweight despite gorging on what now seems like, all the unhealthy food in the world.

There were activities galore to burn most of what we consumed.

We cycled, often for hours.

I was a cheerleader. There were dancing lessons, skating, swimming, tennis and basketball.

To top it off, I loved to go on hikes and hunts with dad. Sometimes, we’d walk over 10-15 miles in a day.

Apart from the nostalgia, what I miss the most about those times where there were no preset norms for what was healthy and attractive. We were comfortable in our skins and with our bodies.

Just because we didn’t have a skinny ass, didn’t mean that we would be riled for it.

Today seems like a hell hole in comparison. Psst…don’t let my girls hear this.

My problems with my body weight began when I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) when I was 25. The doctors had no clue what had triggered it.

My hormones started to fluctuate, almost overnight and my body was unable to use the insulin being produced by my pancreas, to convert all the food I was eating into energy.

So, what started as a few pounds gained after a winter binge, soon turned into a never ending pile up of weight.

All of a sudden, from a trim and reasonably athletic girl of 24, I was turning into a 26-year-old who looked, uhm, well-endowed?

By 28, I was overweight. I had stepped onto the other side.

It was around this time that I landed a job as a correspondent for a popular News Network in Sacramento.

Courtship In Sacramento

I rented an apartment in Midtown and moved in. Life was on the upswing. It was 2002.

While I was constantly in touch with my physician and was abreast about my PCOS, I have to say that the vagaries of a busy, working life took precedence over everything else.

I was busy evaluating news leads and developing stories that would find a connect with the audience.

Meal preps were the least of my problems. Takeaways became a way of life. Before I realized, I went from being overweight to being obese.

I met Fabian in 2006. He was the correspondent for a rival news network and while we would be gunning for each other’s throat on the field, we would occasionally bump into each other in the evening at the local tavern.

We started dating in 2007 and after a whirlwind relationship, got married in 2009.

Fabian was physically the opposite of what I was. A close friend called us ‘Laurel & Hardy’. Go figure.

So, one fine day in 2010, me and Fabian are on the way to cover a ‘breaking news’ story in Downtown Sacramento and there’s this flight of stairs that we have to ascend.

Fabian ran over it like it was a kid chasing another. Like a gazelle almost.

I tried my best to keep up and suddenly, I felt like someone had just placed a huge rock on my chest.

The air just wouldn’t reach my lungs. I was trying and trying harder, when I started to black out. The last thing I remember is my cameraman trying hard to grab me. The poor fellow had his task cut out.

It’s not every day that a 182 lbs woman decides to crash down the stairs when you are running with a heavy camera in hand.

Medical Evaluation & A Minor Scare

I was hell bent on not getting medically evaluated and called it a short term spell of breathlessness.

But Fabian didn’t agree. His pop had suffered a few similar spells of breathlessness before being diagnosed with leaky heart valves. So he wasn’t taking any chances.

The doctors threw a bunch of terms, some of them scary, at us.

High diabetes, High blood pressure, asthma, COPD, atrial fibrillation, something to do with the aorta or even a clot in my lungs.


They ran a truckload of tests. It turned out that I was just plain obese. The fat around in my chest was smothering my vitals and preventing me from breathing.

I promised to get in shape once we returned from our upcoming holiday. I didn’t want anything to spoil that.

Osaka & Shoku Iku

japan holiday

That Winter, we took the holiday to Japan.

It was magical.

As I walked around Osaka, mesmerized by the colors of Autumn, I managed to notice that my tour guide, a spritely lady by the name of Kaori, was probably more agile than all of us.

Well, she was no spring chicken. She was 64. But she was as slim as I was when I was 16. We were the same height too.

Once we were done with the Izakaya tour, where I gorged on the Karaage and Ebi-Mayo, we had a chat about life in general.

At the risk of sounding intrusive, Kaori asked me the reason for my physical condition. She said that a young girl (yes she called me a girl) like me should be active and fit.

I told her about the PCOS. But she brushed it off like it wasn’t a problem at all.

She told me that she’d have a surprise for me at the end of the tour.

When we were leaving, she gave me a book about ‘Shoku Iku’, which is a Japanese philosophy of eating.

I binge-read the book during the flight back home. But it wasn’t enough.

While it did speak a lot about the basic principles of Shoku-Iku, most of them seemed to be too hard to employ in a busy, working woman’s life in the United States.

So I researched more for programs back home that were based on Shoku Iku.

That’s when I learned about the Cinderella Solution.

cinderella solution

The Cinderella Solution Review: My Experience

Cinderella Solution is hands down, the easiest, most practical weight loss program that I have ever come across.

Well, it’s not even a program in the real sense. Because it does not tell you to start doing this and that.

No, you don’t have to buy a whole bunch of weights and barbells and whatnot. You also don’t have to stop eating sugar overnight. Or quit carbs.

Instead, it shows you a few selected ingredients that can be sourced from your kitchen pantry, and also how you can pair these ingredients with the food you consume every day.

What will that do?

That, folks, is the magic of Shoku Iku.

A lot of people are surprised when I tell them that the Japanese government passed a Shoku Iku law in 2005 when it noticed that young kids were quitting traditional Japanese culinary habits in favor of western fads.

For them, it’s as important as it is cultural to ensure that the future generation is as fit and healthy as the current one.

Guess what’s the average age of a Japanese woman? 87!

Sadly, we in the west have been allowing fast food joints to overtake our dinner plates.

The Cinderella solution has handpicked these nuggets from the Shoku Iku principles to give you a weight loss solution that’s so easy, you’ll weep when you try it out.

How Does Cinderella Solution Work?

With the Cinderella solution, you get to understand the Yin and Yang principle, which in Japanese is called the In and Yo.

For every Yin that you consume, there must be a Yang.

When anything goes out of balance on our dinner plates, it triggers a domino effect which results in fat gain, and a plethora of diseases that come with it.

The Cinderella solution allows you to pair every Yin with the appropriate Yang. That folks, is the secret to weight loss.

The Carb Pairing secret:

This for me, was the biggest eye opener. A simple ingredient which when paired with carbohydrates, triggers a response that forces your body to use it for fuel, rather than hoarding it as fat. At first, I thought that this had to be a gimmick.

How could eating this simple ingredient that was lying around in my pantry for all this while, probably force my body to burn fat? But within two days, I was losing water weight. Believe it or not, within a week, I was actually starting to notice a difference in the way my clothes fit. When you begin to feel lighter, healthier, you automatically start to feel like exercising.

I started to go for walks, which turned into jogs. I resumed swimming. I started to take some time off work. Everything just changed in a span of two months. But this was the trigger. By the end of two months, I had lost 16 lbs.

The Swiss Secret:

One of the best parts about the Cinderella Solution is that it’s not limited to one particular diet or philosophy. While it draws from some of the best aspects of Shoku Iku, it is not limited to it. It brings to you a Swiss diet secret which is called ‘Chocolate Pairing’.

Do you have a sweet tooth to blame for the ever-expanding waistline (Who doesn’t)? Then this will transform your life. You will no longer pile on the kilos due to your sweet cravings. By the end of this, you will not have sweet cravings anymore.

Wine Pairing:

Guess the thing that I hate the most about conventional diet programs? It is the hardcoded rules that restrict you from eating one food group. Like carbs or Wine. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a drink at the end of an effed up day?

I certainly would like to. But there’s a time to do it, so that your body is primed to burn it off. It’s called the ‘Golden Window’. As long as you don’t go overboard and binge drink, you can enjoy your glass of wine without feeling guilty. And no, it won’t add to your weight. Trust Cinderella Solution to find a way.

Spice Pairing:

If you have struggled with insulin resistance like me, or your PCOS has triggered borderline diabetes, then this is the part that you need to hear about. It’s called Spice Pairing. Two mundane spices from your pantry hold the key to rewiring your body’s insulin resistance.

This simple change triggers a domino effect that has a positive influence on everything, right from your digestion, to your metabolism, to the way you look, feel, work. It just changes everything.

The Extras You Get With Cinderella Solution

If these dietary tips weren’t enough, Cinderella solution also gives you a neat bunch of freebies.

  • The Time machine trick is a simple detox technique that will help restore the glow in your skin that you had in your teens. All those years of bad eating, clogged pores, exposure to chemicals, that will be undone with this.

  • Accelerator package: Once you start to lose weight and watch the scales move, that is the time when you’ve got to start exercising. The rewired insulin resistance, the fat burn induced by the precise food pairs, it will start to torch fat. The accelerator package is designed to be used during this phase. Do you need any special equipment for it? A pair of dumbells helps. But even that’s not mandatory.

  • Movement squencher: When you reach the movement squencher phase, your body is already like a furnace that’s burning fat to keep you going. Use these exact movements to get rid of cellulite on your thighs, your lower back, your hips and your upper arms.

What Do You Have To Do To Lose Weight With The Cinderella Solution?

That’s the question that I had in my mind as well.

What do I really have to do to lose weight with the Cinderella solution?

Here’s the deal.

  • Eat in pairs: If you are eating carbs (be it simple or complex), pair it with the secret ingredient. Eating sugar? Ditto. Drinking wine? Pair it with the right ingredient. The guide provides what you should with what.

  • Eat on time: There’s a time when you must eat. There’s a time when you can eat, but it isn’t ideal. And there’s a time when eating is best avoided. You’ll learn it all.

  • Detox teas: One of the best parts of the program is the simple detox teas that it teaches you. You can make one of these any time of the day. And they rejuvenate you and reenergize you. Not to mention that they also help in the fat loss.

  • Start moving: Unlike vigorous exercise programs like P90x, Cinderella solution asks you to do simple, easy moves that when clubbed with the food pairs are sufficient to amplify fat loss. Not just that. You don’t feel drained or tired at the end of the exercise routine. Instead, you feel fresh and lively.

Here’s what you don’t have to do:

  • Restrict yourself. You can eat what you’ve always been eating.

  • Count calories. Gimme a break.

  • Guzzle caffeine or synthetic meal replacement shakes. Nada.

My Results With The Cinderella Solution

During my first two weeks with the Cinderella Solution, I felt a tad dizzy at times. I had random headaches.

But Kaori had already warned me that my body would try to resist to change, no matter how small it was.

So I was prepared for it.

I was so not prepared for what happened after two weeks though.

  1. By week 4, I had lost 9 lbs. Not substantial maybe. But it was a start.

  2. By week 8, I had lost 16 lbs. without making any changes to my diet or without starting to exercise.

  3. By week 12, I had lost 30 lbs. The third month was a game changer and this was when I started the 21-day kickstarter program and the movement squencher.

  4. By week 16, I had lost 42 lbs.

  5. Week 20, 53 lbs.

  6. Week 24: 62 lbs.

That’s all it took. 6-months to go from 182 lbs overweight, sick, tired, breathless and lethargic, to 120 lbs, active, energetic and lively.

My PCOS symptoms have almost eased as well.

I had promised Fabian that I would get in shape before childbirth and when I was wheeled into the hospital, I clutched his hand and told him that I had kept my word.

After delivering my girls Natsumi & Yaiyoi, which means Summer and Spring in Japanese, I sent a picture of myself to Kaori.

She was thrilled.

Here is my before & after photo:

before after ava

Cinderella Solution Discount & Coupon Code

If you’re looking for Cinderella solution coupon code or discount then let me say I tried everything and nothing worked.

I did try good amount of coupon websites and all ended up saying “The coupon code you entered is invalid“.

But the official page of cinderella solution sometimes gives a discount:

Closing Thoughts

Weight loss is not the uphill, impossible task that you’ve been conditioned to believe that it is.

Instead, it’s a very simple, manageable thing, the secret to which lies in our dinner plates.

With the Cinderella solution, for the first time, you have something that doesn’t overwhelm you or overpower you.

It lets you be you while still burning fat.

TRY IT. It’s a game changer. It comes with a 60-day Money back guarantee. What you got to lose at this point anyway ?!

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