Best Workout For Women - Workouts That Help You Achieve Sexy Figure
Best Workouts for Women

Best Workouts for Women

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Women have always been concerned about their body. One of the fears that they have is of gaining weight. So, they have always been in search of workouts and exercises that will work for them. But a workout session isn’t just for weight loss. It helps in being healthy and works for the betterment of bones and muscles of one’s body.

Along with that exercise keeps one’s mind healthy by boosting it. The current day women may find it hard to go and workout. Most of the time, they lack the enthusiasm that would help them to work out. So, they should choose some exercises that will take a short amount of time but will pack a punch. Here are the best workouts for women:

Things to remember before starting to workout

Everyone has an initial motivation for working out. But it dwindles when the body aches to come. We have to remember that the start of a workout regime is quite hard as the muscles have been tensed for a long time. They do get hurt and they heal.

With time your body gets used to the regime and you can see the changes. Here are some things that women should remember:

• They will need a good pair of exercise shoes. Women often suffer from bone problems and calcium deficiency. So, they have to get shoes that will provide protection to their feet.

• If you are doing it for weight loss makes sure that you have a healthy diet. Exercise alone cannot defeat your extra body weight. You will need to pay attention to your diet. Keep track of the calories that you are ingesting.

• You need to be consistent. You cannot skip around when you are on the path of the workout. A break once a week is okay. But a prolonged break will set your body back to its former position.

• Take motivation from around you. One of the things that ladies lack is motivation. But these days they can use social media to get their motivation. Once they see or read about other women’s journey then they will want to do it on themselves as well.

• Make sure that you have an adequate amount of water. Water is a key component of our body and dehydration can deteriorate everything.

• Ladies should always consult a doctor before starting high-intensity programs. It is nice to have a check-up as wrong exercises can often lead to body trauma.

Best Outdoor Workouts For Women

Here we will talk about some of the workouts that are best for all women. It may take some time to get used to. But with time women will love the feeling of it and they will integrate it into their daily routine. Women who have kids can also motivate their kids to participate in some of the workouts that we will talk about here. So, let us begin with them:



Running is one of the best whole body exercises that women can do on a daily basis. It is convenient as well for any women. They just have to get out of their house and run at a time that they feel comfortable at.

Most people either choose early morning or evening for their running. A person should definitely learn the form before they start to run. It is a beneficial exercise and doctors have suggested it for a long time.

In running one will need to have proper shoes as you are always on your foot. The initial days are a bit tough as one wouldn’t be able to run for a long period of time and they will feel breathlessness. But with time it goes away.

If someone is looking forward to losing weight then they can try something called the ‘Interval Running’. In this type of running people run at an intense rate for a period of time and then slow down for a while and then again it is followed by an intense run.

There are several mobile applications that help one to practice interval running. Women do feel more motivated if they have a partner while running. But they can also use music or audiobooks as they running partner.

What are the Benefits of Running?

• Running is good for the overall health. Being a cardiovascular exercise it does great jobs for one’s heart.

• It is one of the best and easiest workouts that one can use to lose weight.

• Running keeps away stress and depression from a person.

• Running adds positivity to one’s life, especially if someone does it during the early morning.

• Running helps in toning of the body. This can especially be seen in lower half of the body which has the highest impact from running.

So, we can say that running is one of the most effective workouts that ladies can take part in. They can motivate their whole family to run as it is good for everyone. They should definitely remember to take proper water when they are going on a running trip.



Almost all of us love to hop in a swimming pool or the ocean. We take our kids to the pool to learn swimming as a safety measure. But it is one of the best sports and exercise that one can perform.

It is mostly recommended for ladies as the water helps against attaining many injuries. All women of all ages can use the water to their benefit. Along with the exercise, one has all the fun as there is no sweating.

It is among the top cardiovascular exercises that one can sign up for. These days community pools have heated water during winters, so it won’t be a problem.

Swimming is such an exercise that ladies will look forward to once they start doing it. There are several forms of swimming like backstroke, butterfly, freestyle etc. One can get the help of a trainer to train them and then they can perform it on their own. The intensity level can be easily increased so that it is a total workout.

What are the Benefits of Swimming?

• Swimming is a low impact exercise. So, it is good for ladies who generally have problems with joints or bones. They can easily move around in the water.

• You will see an improvement in your breathing capacity once you start swimming.

• Swimming helps in toning the whole body. It is especially seen in the increase of muscle mass.

• Swimming does effectively burn a lot of calories. You can easily swim for 1 hours or 1 hour 30 minutes a day.

• Swimming releases stress from one’s body and the water helps them to feel fresh.

If you already know swimming then this will be the right time to introduce it as a workout. Everyone in your family can take part in it occasional to make it better. Definitely keep proper gears in mind when you are getting into swimming.

If you have a personal pool then this is the easiest exercise that you can do without getting out of your house. There are some organizations that provide swimming training for the workout, so you can even take help from it.



You will be acquainted with the stationary bikes that the use in gymnasiums. Have you ever thought of trying an actual bicycle? In several developing countries and even countries like China and Japan, the bicycle is used extensively. Along with being environmentally friendly, it is a nice form of daily exercise.

Just like running you can choose a track for bicycling and it will become a friend to your body. It has a nice impact on your cardiovascular health. For women, it is an added bonus as cycling can give them the nice thighs and a tight booty.

It is better than a stationary bike as you can discover new places on your bicycle and take in all the nice and fresh air. It gives you the much needed physical exercise. One can speed up the cycle to increase its intensity as an exercise.

What are the Benefits of Cycling?

• Cycling is a friend to several types of diseases. This includes Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular health, bone health and muscle strength.

• Cycling is a nice addition to one’s life as it increases the ability of their body.

• It helps in refreshing one’s mood and helps in keeping them stress-free.

• Women will like it as the workout is a totally low impact.

• Cycling is a fun way to start with physical workouts and a journey towards weight loss.

• It aids in a proper posture of the body which is often missing with women. It helps in keeping the spine healthy.

Women who do not like high-intensity workouts may definitely try cycling as an alternative. It is healthy and one can incorporate it into their daily lives. Women can definitely ditch the car and take the help of the bicycle as their mode of transportation.

A nice bicycle can be quite fast and with time you will be able to use the cycle for your benefit. Carry a bottle of water whenever you go on a journey of cycling. You can use workout apps to make your cycling into an even more proper exercise.

Best Workouts For Women At Home

HIIT Exercises


Have you ever felt your heart pumping after a sudden run? If yes, then the reason behind it is the high intensity. HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training follows that mode to make a high impact workout. It lasts for a short duration of time like 15 minutes or 30 minutes and has short breaks between the exercises.

But the intensity of the exercises is quite high. It increases the heart rate of a person which leads to the workout. There are several types of HIIT workouts and most of them focus on the whole body.

They use a mixture of everyday freehand exercises like push-ups, lunges, squats and several other exercises to make it apt for them. It is best to consult a proper trainer before someone starts with any HIIT Exercises.

They may search for some common ones and make a note of it. Most women will like this type of a workout as they aren’t boring and they will see the results in a short period of time.

What are the Benefits of HIIT Exercises?

• HIIT is a fat burner. It does push your body to go into a phase where it burns the fat effectively.

You wouldn’t lose your muscles when you are following a proper HIIT Exercise.

• HIIT exercise comes in many forms and most do not need any form of types of equipment.

• It effectively increases your metabolism, so the impact stays throughout the day even if your exercise lasts for just 30 minutes.

• HIIT Exercises are quite challenging and they boost the motivation a person. You can take challenges like 21 day flat belly fix or 30 day burner to experience extreme hit.

One needs to follow a HIIT routine when they are looking forward to starting with it. They will also need to change it up frequently as the body does get used to the same routine after a while.

This option is definitely for women who will like to break in a sweat while doing the workout. Women who have bone or muscle problems should stay away from this type of workout.

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They can try simple interval training which is easier. Women who take up a HIIT challenge will definitely get a full body workout from it.



You may have heard about this exercise training quite a bit on the internet. It has gotten really popular among many people due to the challenge that it possesses. Both women and men can get help from it.

It is not just a single exercise but a concoction of many things. The mixture includes HIIT, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, strongman and several other exercises.

Several gyms have the affiliation of this training and you can definitely find one near you. CrossFit incorporates every concerned domain of the body which includes flexibility, cardiovascular health, agility, balance and several other things. It is a challenge in itself and the trainers will motivate you to get done with the daily exercises.

Women who love to take up challenges and works will definitely love this workout regime. They will be up for something new each and every day. Every year global competitions are also held so that people can fight themselves off against each other.

We will say that CrossFit is better for women who are already used to working out of one kind or the other. Women with injuries or bone and muscle diseases should avoid this workout because of its high intensity. If you are looking for such programs then do read our article on bodyboss. You might like it.

What are the Benefits of CrossFit?

• CrossFit is challenging and it is best for women who easily get bored out of their workouts.

• CrossFit encompasses all parts of the body so it ends up being a fulfilling exercise.

• CrossFit leads to increased strength, flexibility and agility in one’s body.

• This mode of workout is quite efficient in toning you up and also helps you to lose weight.

• CrossFit increases the quality of your health and aids you in the activity of day to day life.

All a woman will need to do is visit a doctor before they start with a CrossFit program. Also, go to your nearby CrossFit gym and check out their setup and trainer.

Talk to them about their training and the benefits. If you are a beginner at strenuous exercise definitely tell them that. We are sure that some women will fall in love with CrossFit because of its form.

In the gym, you will get to meet new co-exercisers who are on the same journey as you. It will become a motivating and positive environment where you will feel good about the choice of your exercise.



Many women love to dance but they never think that it can become their workout routine. Zumba is one such workout that has revolutionized the workout plan for many women. It will remind you of the CD workouts that were popular for a while.

Zumba was developed in 1999. It soon turned quite famous and these days it is practiced in over 180 countries. Classes are held by certified instructors. The main thing behind the popularity of Zumba is the fun attached to it.

Yes, it will help you in breaking a sweat but it wouldn’t become tough for you. A person will get into the rhythm soon enough and it would lead to a whole body exercise. Everyone from a child to an elderly woman can take part in the Zumba classes.

What are the Benefits of Zumba?

• The movements are done in Zumba aid in burning of calories which results in fat loss. A usual class of Zumba can burn up to 1000 calories.

• As Zumba takes the route of dance, you will have a full body exercise.

• Zumba is efficient for women as will not need to do strenuous exercises that may harm their body.

• Zumba has both aerobic and anaerobic benefits on one’s body.

• It is fun for everybody and everyone can take part in it. There is Aqua Zumba, Zumba Gold and other courses to choose from.

• Zumba is a social work out as you will do it among several other people. So, you get motivated quite easily.

Zumba is one of the nicest ways to start moving your body. All you need to do is find a Zumba fitness studio next to your house and get registered into it. Choose the frequency of classes and you will be all done.

Do not forget to get good shoes that will be comfortable for all the movement. You will definitely make some new friends and partners that you can Zumba with.



We often think Yoga as something exotic and never pay any attention to it as a workout. But Yoga is an ancient art that is a total workout for your mind, body and soul.

So, when you join a Yoga class you wouldn’t just workout for your body but it will become a lifestyle for you. As you may know, Yoga was developed in India.

It is an important discipline that many people follow in their lives. It has the lowest amount of impact on your body and it can increase the quality of your life.

In Yoga, you perform several asanas that form the part of your workout. Some of them are for relaxation and some increases the physical ability of your body. Yoga is also beneficial for people who are suffering from mental or physical illnesses. Something called the power yoga has been developed in the West which helps in weight loss.

It includes poses or asanas that help you in working your body to lose the excess fat present in your body. It is important to note that you should have a healthy diet when you include Yoga in your daily routine. Also, use an appropriate yoga mat.

If you are interested in similar routine then don’t forget to check out our Yoga Burn Review.

What are the Benefits of Yoga?

• Yoga increases the flexibility of your body. It also helps in toning your body.

• Yoga takes care of heart health.

• Yoga helps in balancing the hormones in your body and increases the metabolism.

• It clears out your mind and decreases your stress.

• Yoga also helps in increasing the bone and muscle health of an individual.

• Yoga will also help you in having a better concentration, memory and patience.

The benefits of yoga can go on and on because of it being an important discipline. It isn’t necessary to go to a yoga instructor to learn Yoga. You can use video streaming sites and online forums to learn yoga and incorporate it into your life. Definitely start by practicing the beginner poses and take adequate rest periods between them.

So, here are some of the best workouts that women can practice in their life. Every one of them isn’t equal in intensity or at work. But the thing that connects them is their role in giving women a healthy body and a clear mind. Once you get in a total routine you would actually look forward to the workout. It has been seen that the workout often becomes a meditation for a person. We hope that you choose the workout that is best for you. Always stay on the journey of being healthy.

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